Founder of "Pro Sports and Spa Massage" Highlights Studies That Prove Massage Has Many Benefits

Yankton, SD -- (SBWire) -- 02/12/2013 --As people search for a massage in Sioux Falls, they’ll come to find out that studies prove it’s good medicine.  For years, people have turned to massage as a favorable way to relax, release tension and maybe even feel a bit pampered.  However, a recent article from The Washington Post reveals that many new studies are proving that massage therapy offers a host of health benefits that go far beyond that of relaxation.

A local massage therapist,  Ethelyn Hinrichs of Pro Sports And Spa Massage, wants the world to know what she has known for over 15 years…  that massage is no longer just for those seeking respite at the spa, but also for those wanting to decrease inflammation and improve their health in general.

As founder of Pro Sports And Spa Massage in Sioux Falls, SD, Ethelyn has seen the improvements massage therapies can make on a patient's pain level especially in cases that result from heavy exercise. One of the most popular services they offer at Pro Sports And Spa Massage is the Sports Massage.   Ethelyn has also developed her own range of therapies from ultra-light massage to heavy-duty deep tissue:  she does medical massage, post-accident, therapeutic massage, elder massage, as well as pediatric massage, pregnancy massage and Spa parties.

According to the article, The University of Miami Medical School has conducted over 100 studies on the subject, revealing that "massage's benefits can include positive effects on depression and anxiety, sleep, stress hormones, immunity and pain relief."  In addition, Rebekah Owens, an instructor at the Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, explains that massage is especially important for athletes who want to increase mobility and reduce pain.  She states, "Post-workout massage helps reduce spasms and cramping, helps relax and soften the injured, overused, tired muscles, and helps to stretch and exercise weak, tight and atrophied muscles.”

Due to the effectiveness of massage, Ethelyn claims that her treatments are one of the best ways to save money on your healthcare cost.  According to her, a Sioux Falls spa can be “just what the doctor ordered” as her therapies are designed to get to the root of the pain whether it’s in the lower back, shoulder or ankle.  Her unique techniques go way beyond temporary pain relief… they promote holistic permanent healing.

About Ethelyn Hinrich
Ethelyn Hinrichs’  life-long interest in massage started as a result of childhood problems. At the age of 12, her problems were resolved with massage therapy.  She decided she wanted to help people by becoming an effective, knowledgeable massage therapist. Visit her website below to learn more about her practice and available treatments.

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