IMET Corporation Increases Its Capability in Electronics Manufacturing

Southampton, PA -- (SBWire) -- 02/18/2013 --Over the years IMET Corporation has assisted in the manufacture of numerous electronic products. They now have a much wider range of capability, thanks to the acquisition of latest-generation automated assembly equipment. In alluding to the company’s new machines and recent purchase of a 15,000 sq. ft. facility in suburban Philadelphia, President Tom Kroll says, “We can now produce almost any job requiring electronics, regardless of complexity.”

When it comes to product design and product development, no other industry runs on a faster track than electronics. Innovative mobile phones, computers and useful gadgetry dominate this marketplace – but only for a time, as they are soon supplanted by newer and improved versions with greater intelligence and a wider array of capabilities.

Since change is the norm in electronics, a number of their OEMs now believe they should concentrate on product development and marketing while outsourcing the manufacturing. Many of these companies have become IMET customers, greatly accounting for the firm’s spectacular 400% increase in sales volume since 2008. President Tom Krol attributes much of that success to his belief that the electronics manufacturing machinery owned by his company ought to embody the advanced sophistication of the products it builds. With assembly equipment that’s faster, more flexible and more precise than the preceding generation, he feels IMET is positioned to greatly increase its market share.

According to Mr. Krol, IMET has committed a sizeable portion of its budget to capital equipment every year since its founding in 2000. For 2013, this strategy has been underscored by a mid-six-figure investment in a new automated surface mount PCB assembly line. Included is a new board loader/unloader, a fully automatic stencil printer with paste inspection, a 4-head pick and place with placement speed of 10,500 cph and ability to mount 01005/0.3mm pitch components. Also included is a state-of-the-art 8-zone reflowing oven, a selective soldering system and automatic optical inspection (AOI).

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The IMET Corporation provides their clients with all-inclusive product development solutions that bring ideas to a reality. IMET’s combination of services allows their clients to utilize IMET as a single point of contact for all aspects that range from manufacturing to industrial design. The IMET Corporation utilizes the skills of their staff specialists to develop the best design solutions that are uniquely innovative and marketable.

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