Climbing Mountains: Business-Based Autobiography by Osman Gulum Proves That Poverty and Personal Pain Is No Bar to Success

Growing from his humble beginnings to an acclaimed businessman, Osman Gulum is a true microcosm of success. However, getting there saw Osman endure bankruptcy, physical abuse and atrocious poverty. In his latest book, the UK-based entrepreneur hopes to inspire others and prove that a life of success is within anyone’s grasp.

Warrington, UK -- (SBWire) -- 02/19/2013 --From running an award-winning takeaway restaurant to inventing the highly-unique ‘Flower Fountain’ device (as seen on episode 1, series 10 of UK Dragons Den), Osman Gulum has enjoyed his fair share of business success. However, born into an underprivileged family and with little formal education, his rise to riches relied on his steadfast will and determination. In his latest book, Osman tells his personal story and provides inspiration for others who won’t let hardships stand in the way of their own success.

‘Climbing Mountains: How I succeeded in business and how you can too’ takes readers into a journey of pain, struggle and ultimate acclaim.


This is the truth about my journey from the humblest of beginnings to becoming a successful businessman. I want this book to be an inspiration to anyone seeking success in their life.

I've had more knock-backs than I care to remember. I've faced bankruptcy, physical violence, extortion and heartbreaking poverty. This is the story of how I didn't give in. It's the story of how, if you put your mind to it and devote all your energy to it you will, you must, eventual succeed. If I could do it then so can you. This is about business. This story is about overcoming challenges.

This story is about how I climbed my personal mountains. I hope it helps you climb yours.

As the author explains, his book is a simple story with a compelling message.

“This story is important as it tells a tale of how one man overcame the odds. It will hopefully inspire want-to-be entrepreneurs to go out there and attempt to chase their dreams - or climb their own mountains. I feel the story provides hope for everyone, that it is possible to overcome the odds and to make a success of yourself, despite not being born into money or without the best educational background,” says Osman, who has built a solid reputation for hard work and innovation.

He continues, “The book also provides useful business advice and real life scenarios that have helped develop my own business acumen. Hopefully its readers will be able to pick up the tips and apply them to their own situations.”

Just like the rest of his career, Osman’s book has seen overwhelming success. In fact, since its release, ‘Climbing Mountains’ has garnered a consistent string of rave reviews.

“What a great book! This is a blueprint for succeeding in life, not just business. A story proving that anything is possible if you continue to try! You are only a failure if you CHOOSE to quit! Despite failures and violence, Osman continued to believe he would succeed and did!” said Cynthia J. Smith, who reviewed the book on Amazon.

Another reader, Marty H, was equally as impressed. They said, “This autobiography is a captivating read. One can't help but marvel and admire the author's tenacity in overcoming adversity on a level that would have left most people feeling defeated and downtrodden.”

With demand for the book rising, interested readers are urged to purchase their copy as soon as possible.

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About Osman Gulum, in his own words
I was born on 3rd March 1970 in Yolüstü Köyü, a tiny village and satellite of Sivas, a small town in Turkey. Yolüstü Köyü was a village of no more than 35-40 people and it was here that I grew up, living on my grandfather’s farm. It was a tough existence. Work started early – sometimes before sunrise. Winter in Yolüstü was freezing and neither I nor my grandfather had any warm clothes to protect us from the chill. It was, however, here in this remote village were I developed my hard work ethic and desire to further myself as an individual.

Following these early years I managed to move away from Yolüstü and despite not being afforded the luxury of a formal education, developed my skills in the world of work by taking in as much information from those around me as possible. My career has been long and varied; I have shined the shoes of businessmen, worked in cafes, factories, in bars and served in the army for my country. All of which helped me developed the necessary transferable skills to finally enter the world of business as the owner in my own right. My journey to England was the making of me and following a hard struggle of working multiple jobs, I finally saved enough to open my own restaurant. Since this wonderful day I have owned a number of successful restaurants, a multiple-award winning fish and chip shop, I have developed an impressive property portfolio and I have invented a new product, the Flower Fountain, which I am currently attempting to enter an entirely new market place with. There have been set-backs. Good times and bad. But entrepreneurship and enterprise are my world. I never believed I could achieve the things I have and neither did anyone else. Climbing Mountains is my gift back to those out there just starting their journey. Without other people’s guidance and assistance I would have never climbed my mountains. Hopefully, this book will allow others to climb theirs.

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