Carlo Pignataro Announces Learning Metaprograms Creates a Sales Champion

Dubai, UAE -- (SBWire) -- 02/21/2013 --Selling has never been an easy job, and selling today is becoming even more and more difficult. The offers are unlimited, clients are overwhelmed by advertising online and offline, and—most importantly—consumers and clients are progressively more aware of their needs and have become extremely ego-centric.

To operate successfully in such scenarios, sales professionals must learn to understand how their clients make decisions, process information, perceive reality, and interact with the world. In other words, sales professionals must be able to understand the “operating system” in their clients’ brains.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) the behavioral and communication discipline, has named such operating systems metaprograms.

Carlo Pignataro, a NLP and NHR Master Practitioner , sales trainer and communication coach in Dubai who works for large national and international organizations such as AW Rostamani, Al Jaber, Luxottica, and many others, explains the process this way:

“When you are able to understand how your client processes information, selling becomes an easy process. During my sales training courses in Dubai and GCC, I teach sales professionals how to understand if, for example, their clients are matchers or mismatchers. There is a big difference between the two, and a very different approach should be taken with them. Matchers are people who tend to find similarities; they need to be presented goods and services in a positive way, so that they can agree with you. On the other hand, a mismatcher is an individual who instinctively looks for differences.”

Talking about his sales training courses in Dubai, he adds:

“Mismatchers are people who might contradict you as the two of you are saying exactly the same thing. They don’t do it on purpose, neither are they bad people; it’s just the way their brains work. They need to make a point, to find a difference, and start their sentences with the word ‘no.’ Mismatchers base their decisions on their ability to find flaws, weaknesses, and defects in every situation, and, should you hire them, they are perfect for analytical positions, as quality insurance managers or even as doctors (a doctor must find what is going wrong with our bodies).

Dealing with a client who is a mismatcher requires a complete revision of all the normal sales strategies. In general, a good sales approach is to address a client positively, asking set questions, and highlighting the pros of each product or service offered. Such an approach doesn’t work with a mismatcher.”

If sales professionals want to go the extra mile in their career and provide their clients with an extraordinary experience, they should know - and understand- at least the following seven metaprograms well:

1. Toward or Away
2. External or Internal Frame of Reference
3. Sorting by Self or Sorting by Others
4. Matcher or Mismatcher
5. Convincer Strategy
6. Possibility vs. Necessity
7. Independent, Cooperative, and Proximity Working Styles

Identifying these metaprograms in clients will tell a lot about them and, more specifically, will help identify the right strategy to use when presenting products or services.

For example, people with an internal frame of reference (the second metaprogram in the above list) make their decisions based mostly on their instinct and gut feeling. They trust their own judgment and are willing to take risks. When selling to such people, you don’t have to bring too many facts, figures, references, or reviews; instead, sales professionals should listen to them and let them chose what to do. In contrast, people with an external frame of reference base their decisions on external facts and opinions. Before they buy, they want to see reviews of products, a list of clients, referrals, facts, and figures.

“In my advanced sales training programs,” says Carlo Pignataro, “metaprograms play an important role, and many top managers of leading companies are realizing every day that their clients deserve to be finally deeply understood. They realize that by giving their sales associates the tools to create a tailored communication strategy with every client, not just sales performances dramatically increase but clients’ satisfaction and loyalty too.”

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