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Torrance, CA -- (SBWire) -- 02/28/2013 --HBS Finance provides a highly individualized level of service for clients seeking residential or commercial mortgage financing. Due to current economic conditions HBS Finance is experiencing a notable increase in borrowers that require “Private Financing”, or “Hard Money”. This type of real estate loan is based primarily on the equity of the subject property. This situation, caused by the “credit crunch” has created an excellent investment opportunity for individuals seeking a higher than average rate of return for their investment portfolios. Our investors experience a high level of personal attention from managing member, who has 37 years of experience in commercial banking and real estate finance. HBS Finance interviews borrowers and determines if their situation would qualify for an investor funded private loan. We work with appraisers to ascertain the current property value.

We also use several computer-generated data banks that can give us valuable information pertaining to property values, and community property trends. Occasionally an appraisal may not be ordered if it is determined that the subject property has an obviously favorable equity position relative to the proposed loan. A loan escrow and title policies are opened for each transaction. Once the required documentation is available, the loan documents are produced and signed by the borrower.

At that time we will contact investors and discuss the investment opportunity. Once loan funds are received from investors the loan is funded and escrow is closed. All trust deeds are recorded with the county recorder’s office and a title policy is obtained for each loan. When the borrower makes a monthly interest only payment, the payment funds will be divided between each investor and funds will be forwarded to your account or, mailed directly to you. Of course, trust deed investments carry the same or more risk factors than any other financial investment.

California Trust Deed investments offer a very attractive alternative to traditional investment options. Trust Deed’s (TD’s) offer a higher rate of return than most investments. Currently investors are receiving 9% to 13% annually. Investment risk is relatively low because the investment is secured by a TD lien placed against real property, and recorded with the county recorder’s office. Each property lien is insured by a Property Title Insurance Policy issued by an A-1 rated title company. Before an investment is funded, an analysis of the investment is made to determine the level of protective equity offered by the real property.

TD’s produce a steady stream of income, which results from the payments made by the borrower of the property. Payments are interest only and credited monthly to each investor account. Accounting records are also provided with each investor payment.

HBS Finance is fully licensed by the California Department of Real Estate #01860110. We provide loans known as “hard money” or as “equity only” for commercial income producing properties. Our loans are considered outside the conventional banking system. Loans are funded by private investors seeking to diversify and strengthen their investment portfolios.

Trust Deeds offer:

- Attractive return – current interest rates are 9% to 13%
- Short investment commitment, between 1 to 3 years
- Less risk – each investment is protected by the real estate equity
- Greater Stability – fixed interest payments do not experience market fluctuations

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