Tukie Tales: Sisters Empower Children to Develop Good Character, Through Enthralling Series of Books.

Fontana, CA -- (SBWire) -- 02/28/2013 --After learning of a 1993 attack by two young boys that left a two year-old dead, Debbie Burns and Patty Cockrell knew they had to do something to stop the violence and ill-treatment among children. Choosing literature as their vehicle, they began to pen a series of stories that would inspire children to live with compassion, love and care. After twenty years of writing, refining and illustrating, the sisters are delighted to announce the launch of their children’s book series, ‘Tukie Tales: A New Beginning for a Better Tomorrow’.

Their mission was simple, to inspire all young children to be safe, honest and to care for the world they live in. This is where their ingenious band of characters, the Tukies, steps in to help. The Tukies are from another planet, each possessing unique and positive powers. They use their special powers to help others, while having heaps of fun and enjoying the innocent mischief that keeps children full of positive energy.

Each book focuses on a different facet of safety, good character and honesty. Current titles include ‘Lost!’, ‘I Can Do It!’, ‘Teamwork Is Best!’, ‘Helping Is Fun!’ and ‘Kindness Counts!’. As one of the authors explains, the stories are extremely valuable for today’s society.

“We believe today’s parents are ready for something different, and “Tukie Tales” is ready to deliver. Imagine a world where people treat each other with respect, kindness, and care about other living things,” says Burns.

She continues, “Each book is a complete story using positive reinforcement to teach children important life lessons. The stories give valuable insight that doing good makes us feel good, and they help enable children to build their life on a secure, solid foundation of safety, positive values and caring about nature. All the stories leave the child feeling empowered and eager to repeat the positive values.”

Since their release of the first two stories in the series, the books have garnered a consistent string of rave reviews. The complete series is now finished.

"This was a fun book that makes your children think about how they would solve the problems that are presented to the main characters which is something that I love to see in children's stories,” said DadofDivas.com, reviewing the book ‘Lost!’.

A recent review of ‘I Can Do It’ was equally as impressive, saying, “"I loved the book and enjoyed reading it and involving kids. The whole story spreads encouragement, along with a message of family and friends. The idea behind these books is that they tell a lesson to be enjoyed through each generation and they very much succeed.”

With so much success on their hands, the sisters refuse to lose sight of their main goal.

“Humanity can achieve great things when we all strive to make it happen. Children hunger for knowledge and acceptance. We need to be proactive and uplift them to give them the tools they need to succeed. Having strong, positive values is so important. Together, we can all make a difference for our children's future. Join us on our mission to make a better world for them,” they add.

The series is supported by a fun and engaging website, which includes a playful Tukie Tales song, accompanied by an animated video and even sheet music for those who want to recreate it at home or in school.

With an impressive series of resources, Tukie Tales is poised to change the lives of thousands of children for the better; exactly what Burns and Cockrell want to achieve.

For more information, to read a book excerpt and place an order, visit: http://www.tukietales.com

For news and special bonuses, follow the series on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/tukietales

About Burns and Cockrell
Burns and Cockrell are sisters and best friends. They were determined to instill honest and wholesome values in their children after establishing their families. Deeply affected by the bad news of the world, they decided to promote a better experience for children.

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