Online Campaign on Indiegogo to Help Stop the Poaching of Endangered Animals in Africa

Helping Feet is currently conducting an online campaign on Indiegogo ( to raise funds for a new feature film that will create awareness to the serious threat posed to different wildlife species in Africa by Poachers.

Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWire) -- 03/04/2013 --Rampant poaching and illicit black market trading of wildlife and wildlife products has put many of Africa’s wild life species at a risk of going into extinction. Concerned by this disturbing trend, Helping Feet, a nonprofit Organization that focuses on protecting endangered African wildlife animals is aiming at creating awareness to the nefarious activities of illegal poachers, wildlife black market traders and the danger they pose to different wildlife species in Africa through a new feature movie titled, "Tolu, the African Elephant". To raise funds for the movie, Helping Feet is pleased to announce they will be launching fund raising campaigns on Indiegogo (

"We believe that bringing awareness to the endangered African animals issue through a feature film will have more impact, raise awareness, and attract more attention and support," said Carrie Thompson of Helping Feet.

The movie revolves around a young African elephant named "Tolu" whose mother was senselessly hunted down by poachers for monetary gains. It exposes the activities of illegal poachers and highlights many other African animals that today are at the risk of extinction as a result of the market demand for their skin or other body parts.

By launching a fund raising campaign on Indiegogo (, Helping Feet hopes to raise enough money to complete the project as a lot of effort, time and money have been spent already on the pre-production and some production of the movie. Once completed, the film will help drive support for these endangered African animal species and provide safer habitats and reserves where they can thrive.

"I hope you’ll pledge and donate to any of the special rewards today to show all of the endangered animals in Africa how many people care for them." she added.

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Helping Feet is a nonprofit organization that focuses on Protecting Endangered African Wildlife Animals. Their activities are funded through public donations and contributions and the Organization will appreciate any donations in cash, credit or any kind that support its activities. Please visit for more info.

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