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San Francisco, CA -- (SBWire) -- 03/21/2013 --Male enhancement products are as old as humankind itself. Even in ancient times, men would turn to natural medicines to try to increase the size of their penis. And today, the modern man faces a range of different options when it comes to overcoming small penis size. Unfortunately, not all of these options work.

That’s why was proud to unveil its review of a male enhancement system called Jes Extender Comfort Strap. As the name of the product suggests, Jes Extender works to extend the penis and help men all over the world deal with sexual insecurity.

According to the Jes Extender Comfort Strap review on, Jes Extender is “incredible” and a “true winner.” Amidst these sparkling endorsements, the reviewer discusses exactly how Jes Extender works. And no, it’s not a magical herbal supplement or a wonder drug that will double the length of the penis overnight.

A spokesperson explains the not-so-magical technology behind the Jes Extender:

“Jes Extender is unlike most other penis enlargement product on the market today. The Jes Extender uses traction technology to safely and gently stretch the penis. As the skin of the penis stretches, gaps are created in the penile skin cell tissue. Our body naturally repairs these gaps through cell duplication, resulting in a penis with increased girth and length.”

In terms of results, the review suggests men can achieve a growth of up to 24% in penis size after just a few weeks of regular therapy with the Jes Extender. With results like this, it should be no surprise that the Jes Extender has been used by hundreds of thousands of men around the world.

Whenever men are putting a new piece of technology on their penis, it’s important to understand exactly where that technology comes from. And as the spokesperson explains, the Jes Extender was designed by some very qualified individuals:

“The Jes Extender comes from Denmark. Created with Scandinavian ingenuity, the Jes Extender was designed with the help of board-certified surgeons and is backed up by the power of hard science and medical technology.”

At, visitors will find a number of reviews about some of the most popular male enhancement products available today. The SizeGenetics customer reviews section of the website is a popular place visitors turn when seeking real information about the SizeGenetics line of male enhancement products, for example.

However, it’s important to note that does not endorse any herbal remedies, pills, or snake oil cures for a small penis. Instead, it focuses on traction-based technologies that have real results from real people.

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