Cyantek Launches Redesigned Website with Easier Service and Process Navigation

Fremont, CA -- (SBWire) -- 03/26/2013 --Cyantek, a world-leading supplier of microlithography chemicals, has just redesigned their website for easier navigation of their products and services. Cyantek is a global supplier of process chemicals for electronic manufacturers.

In today’s world of electronic component manufacturing, the processes used to create these devices require exacting high-tech chemical agents to manufacture the different components. This includes etching, stripping, cleaning of various metals, metal alloys and other types of film materials. These products are typically used in the manufacture of semiconductors, photomasks, flat panel displays, LEDs, MEMs, touch panels, solar cells and more.

For more than 30 years, leading electronic component manufacturers have relied on Cyantek to provide the exacting chemicals necessary in their production processes. In order to make it easier for these manufacturers and their engineers to quickly find and review the processes and services that they provide, Cyantek has just redesigned their extensive website. “The new website makes it much easier for the manufacturer or engineer to find the right chemical agent and quickly see all of the variants, mixtures, properties, usages and process times under varying conditions,” said a Cyantek spokesperson.

The company offers Nano-Strip® for stripping organics and general substrate cleaning. In addition, the website provides chemical composition and process recommendations for the various Positive Resist Strippers and for their NMP Replacement products. Manufacturers can also find their standard and specialty cleaning products for photomask, FPD, wafer and other electronic component manufacturing.

Their Chrome Etchants, Pre-Mixed Metal Etchants and various iodine-based Gold Etchants are explained, along with the various etch rates and process options descriptions. Cyantek’s Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) Etchants products page, explains in concise language the chemical composition as well as uses and benefits, which include improved bath life, enhanced etch selectivity, and more.

The manufacturer’s new website lists their broad array of Positive Resist Developers that are used in the processing of photomasks, integrated circuits, flat panel displays and other related applications that utilize positive photoresists. Cyantek also offers a broad line of Emulsion Process Chemicals that are used in some of the older technologies for mask making.

The new web pages offer site visitors an efficient way of quickly understanding what and how Cyantek can help them with their current processes, explore options for new, demanding needs and many times, provide more cost effective options to their current chemical source. “At Cyantek, we have the knowledge, experience and ability to provide application-specific products or manufacture custom products based on a customer’s formula,” said the spokesperson. “In addition, Cyantek routinely receives high ratings from customers for our consistent products, outstanding customer service, reliable deliveries and technical support.”

The company provides a variety of packaging options from one-gallon bottles and five-gallon jerricans to 55-gallon drums and other custom-packaging containers. Cyantek’s new website also features extensive support information as well as the latest news about the manufacturer. For more information, please visit

About Cyantek
Cyantek is a supplier of high purity microlithography chemicals used to manufacture semiconductors, photomasks, thin film heads, discs, flat panel displays and many other process chemicals for electronics manufacturers. With more than 30 years experience in manufacturing process and specialty chemicals for the microelectronic industry, Cyantek helps companies become more successful by enhancing their process-of-record or partnering for process development. Cyantek is part of the OM Group—Ultra Pure Chemicals, which has global manufacturing and warehousing facilities.

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