I Do, Do You? New Book of 4 Short Stories Encourages Hope & Re-Thinking During Life's Adverse Challenges

Written for those who want an empowering read without the length or complication of a long novel, Toyin Adekale’s latest book of short stories seeks to provide light and solace for everyone’s time of need.

Seattle, WA -- (SBWire) -- 03/26/2013 --Many inspirational books sacrifice in-depth characters and powerful narratives for their quest to help readers. However, a new book of four short stories by Toyin Adekale has struck the perfect fusion between page-gripping fiction and life-changing reflection.

‘I Do, Do You?’ takes four individuals each facing separate challenges and depicts how they cope and confront them. With an abundance of real-world relevance, the book is expected to resonate with readers around the world.


‘It's Not Over Til it's Over’ – Depicts a terminally ill single mother of a teenager, battling insecurities, and loneliness, a challenging teenager and now faced with the news she has cancer.

‘In The Name of the Father’ – Tells the story of a young man raising his son following the loss of his wife.

‘Home is Where the Heart Is’ – An eye-opening tale about (the author), a young woman facing a career change and challenges in real estate, and the open house from hell.

‘Don't Judge A Book by its Cover’ - About a teenager who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, facing peer pressure and witnesses a shooting.

With each story, readers are taken on a powerful journey into each character’s emotions as they deal with their respective challenges. Containing an abundance of hope and encouraging messages, every page seeks to help readers with whatever adversity is blighting their own lives.

As the author explains, the book was written to touch the lives of as many people as possible.

“This story was written without restricting the audience as we all face challenges regardless of age, gender or race. I wrote the book for people like me who don't like to read large novels. Each is a 30 to 40 minute read depending on the individual, and in large print to cater for those who hate small print,” says Adekale, an acclaimed singer, songwriter and vocal producer.

Continuing, “Each story causes reflection and encourages hope and motivates re-thinking, yet the fiction and drama pulls you into the character's world. My intention is to also reach hospitals where patients can be encouraged as well as families. I also would love to see this in schools for children to see both sides of a parents world vs the child's world.”

Critics praise Adekale for the diligent efforts she is taking to improve the lives of others. With the book’s demand steadily increasing, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘I Do, Do You?’, published by Xlibris, is available now: http://amzn.to/14hBzSw OR www.idodoyou.com

More information can be found at the author’s official website: http://www.toyinadekale.com

About Toyin Adekale
Toyin Adekale singer/songwriter/actress and now author, born in London to West African parents. Toyin had a successful career in music as a singer/songwriter, traveling all over the world, performing for Kings & Queens, Presidents & Prime Ministers and dignitaries. Her platform was as varied as her life from clubs, theatres and stadiums, to Palaces and State buildings such as the Houses of Parliament in London, to the Kremlin in Russia.

Toyin Adekale’s career started at the tender age of 15 as a solo artist, where she also discovered her gift for harmony. Having sung with nearly all the reggae greats from Dennis Brown and Gregory Isaacs, her gifts were sought by other genre’s where she became vocal coordinator/arranger and backing vocalist to the likes of Soul II Soul, Imagination, Cliff Richard, Maxi Priest and sharing the stage with so many great names too numerous to mention.

During Toyin’s solo career she was the fourth member of Boney M (featuring Maizie Williams for 13 years).

In 2005 Toyin Adekale came to the US with her children, putting her career, family and fans behind her to live a somewhat "normal life" of motherhood and a total change of lifestyle. In the first 2 years of Toyin’s transitioning to American life, she also faced some serious life changing challenges, dealing with health, divorce, children and helplessness brought on by life issues. During this time Toyin found a new calling on her life and an overwhelming desire to cause positive change and effect in other people’s lives. Toyin had touched people with her music in the past, but not the way she now desired.

Toyin’s writing skills and theatre experience, laced with her musical background was to be amalgamated for that higher calling at last. Toyin was no longer pursuing a career of fame and fortune, she had once tasted. Instead, her new path was now pursuing her.

Toyin Adekale wore many belts as an artist. She had the UK’s first reggae choir ‘Talithavoices’, label and Arts & Entertainments Company, Talithavoices Enterprise, which is an umbrella of all forms of artistic expression in the name of entertaining, whilst improving people’s lives. Toyin has finally come to where she believes has been called to, as the pages unfold and her stories are now told in her new book (with a single of the same title "I DO, DO YOU?"

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