Calls Globally on Every Local Café Owner to Benefit from Free Listing & More Customers.

With its top position on the search engines for keyword ‘cafe directory’, advanced listing technology and global community of positive reviewers, is helping local cafés get found and attract new loyal customers. With the goal of becoming the world’s largest single directory for quality local cafés, free listings are currently on offer for establishments who don’t want to let the opportunity go cold.

Sydney, Australia -- (SBWire) -- 03/26/2013 --While technology has soared ahead of our time, traditional café culture still remains a staple of modern society. Fusing the two to help parched coffee lovers quickly find the best local drop-in, is quickly growing to become the world’s largest directory of quality local cafés.

Wanting to promote local café business and a vibrant café culture in all communities, the site has just announced a free listing opportunity for café owners who like it hot (instructions below).

The goal of the site is to build a global online gathering spot to further the culture, appreciation and awareness of cafés and the service they provide to local residents. With the local coffee house still regarded as a cornerstone of many communities, the site hopes to heat up café culture and keep it steaming well into the future.

“The local café pays a vital role to society and is often the most common meeting place within local communities for friends to socialise, for entrepreneurs to brainstorm new services for the world, and for creative people to collaborate. An inspired café can really help stimulate relationships, ideas and new ventures,” says Michael Andrew, Founder of

He continues, “That is exactly why we’re offering every café around the world the opportunity to join our Web site; we want them to garner new loyal customers and re-connect people with a vital resource that promotes face-to-face social contact, not to mention experiencing excellence in coffee in a friendly environment.”

From a technical standpoint, the site integrates with Google Maps to help people find new cafés. “Many of the best cafés are located in side streets or in parts of the community that non-residents wouldn’t frequent. We can help connect people to such cafés. Surprisingly too, a UK study revealed that many people may not fully notice certain cafés which they have walked by many times over long periods, even cafés on high streets. An online search may give a person a different perspective of one’s own neighbourhood and city especially if done when relaxing at home compared to rushing around during the day on auto-pilot, thereby encouraging people to visit and try new local cafés” Andrew adds.

Part of the site’s philosophy is a culture of positivity. Therefore, each review is heavily vetted by a team of editors before being published. With no room for slander or complaints, the Web site’s team hopes to build a state of harmony that works in the favour of café culture the world over, with the intention of accentuating the positive of each café.

As previously stated, getting listed on is currently free (by using the Promotional Code below) with no hidden costs, commitments, contracts or credit card information to enter, it’s simply a case of signing up for a “Decaf Listing”, entering pertinent information and resting easy in the knowledge that new customers will be able to find your café.

Instructions to get a free listing: Use Promotional Code “LOVEMYCAFE” by 30 Apr 2013 after selecting the Decaf Listing on page which will give $100 off the current price, making it free for one year. The same Promotional Code can also be used on the Single Shot Espresso Listing, Double Shot Espresso Listing and Triple Shot Espresso Listing reducing each by $100 for the first year if used by 30 Apr 2013. Note: Promotional Code “LOVEMYCAFE” can only be used once per café.

To view the newest listings, visit:

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The community can also be followed on social media.

About was created to help people find local cafés, and to promote local café culture.

Why not walk into a new café today, or tell your friends about your favorite café, and help stimulate local business and social connectedness within your community. How about inviting a friend to a local café for a chat right now? At we 'think globally and act locally' to promote a vibrant local café culture in your neighbourhood, and every neighbourhood.

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