The U.S. Football Academy Announces Indoor Summer Football Camp in Glendale, Arizona

The U.S. Football Academy announces an indoor Football Camp at the Arizona Sports Complex in Glendale, AZ. The 3 day camp will run from 9am -2pm June 3rd-5th

Glendale, AZ -- (SBWire) -- 03/27/2013 --Aspiring football players have to spend as much of their time as they can in training to improve their performance if they hope to turn professional. For many in cooler climates, training all year round is no issue, but for those in the hot belt of America in states like Arizona, training in the summer months is out of the question as temperatures and humidity soar. The US Football Academy has responded to this by creating an indoor summer camp designed for athletes to keep up their training, and have announced a three day camp to gauge response to the project.

The U.S. Football Academy will hold an indoor Football Camp at the Arizona Sports Complex in Glendale, AZ. The 3 day camp will run from 9am -2pm June 3rd-5th. The Camp welcomes all players ages 7-17. Positional training, one on one competition and two daily training session are some of the things participates can expect.

The Academy also has further plans to host a Las Vegas football training camp to allow players from other hot states to get the benefit, and they stress that Arizona is only the beginning, but will be key in developing the program that rolls out further afield. The one on one training sessions offered with Coach D.B. have been of particular value according to testimonials from those who have attended training, and will be available during the camps so that players can return in season with new skills.

"The development of this our football camps in Arizona is key, as it fills a void for many youth and high school football players interested in training during the hot Summer months," says Coach D.B., Director of the U.S. Football Academy, “The newly added Glendale Camp is important because it brings indoor football training closer to many Youth Players in the West Valley. Where previously the weather made it impractical or even impossible to get the benefit of summer training, this new indoor facility has created an amazing opportunity, and the three day camp is the perfect time for people to sample the facility and the training on offer to get the most out of it."

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