Secret Sauce of a Thriving Dental Practice and Financial Life Working 24 Hrs/WK Is Revealed by Affluent Dentist Magazine

It was important for the founders of Affluent Dentist Magazine to not be just another periodical that sat unread on a dentist’s desk. Knowing that many dentists are not realizing their full financial or practice potential and also knowing that reading and learning time is scarce, Randy Davis and Michael Kinsley sought a format to share their success techniques with dentists and meet them wherever they are in their life’s journey.


Chicago, IL -- (SBWire) -- 04/01/2013 --Randy Davis, known as the “Strategic Millionaire” and Michael Kinsley, an unknown dentist from rural Georgia who was quietly building one of the most productive practices in the United States, have been working together for several years mind mapping and brainstorming. The blending of their ideas from both a clinical and financial viewpoint led them to realize they had something that had to be shared with dentists worldwide, especially in this current economic climate that has thwarted the goals of many dental practices.

Their brainchild, Affluent Dentist Magazine, takes a “cut-the-crap” approach to practice management, financial resource allocation and clinical efficiency education. Kinsley himself was so overwhelmed with the amount of reading material he received monthly that he yearned for a “Cliff Notes” type of resource to learn successful tips.

Through short written articles, videos, and audio recordings of the two founders in conversation, Affluent Dentist Magazine gives its patrons the feeling that they are eavesdropping on something amazing. Dentists won’t know whether to feel guilty or thank their lucky stars that they came across such secrets, secrets that Davis and Kinsley are very willing to share.

Says Randy Davis, “From my friendship with Michael, I knew there was something going on in his small-town Southern practice that was really special. I had always enjoyed working with dentists and have a track record for helping them thrive. Now, with the two of us together, dentists will have a resource for goal realization that we think will be like nothing else being provided.”

About Affluent Dentist Magazine
Affluent Dentist Magazine is the brand new engine that can drive dentists who desire more from wherever they are now to goal realization, un-drempt of success, and top-of-the-profession prosperity. Randy, the strategic millionaire, Davis and Michael Kinsley the Tasmanian devil of dentistry use a "cut-the-crap" teaching approach and let dentists eavesdrop on their methods for getting the most out of un-tapped potential.

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