Richard James Helps in Preventing Poor Pet Ownership Offering Free 10 Day Iguana Care Course


Irvine, CA -- (SBWire) -- 04/12/2013 --Baby iguanas arrive in multiple homes only to find victim to irresponsible pet ownership each year. The IguanaPlanet team aims to inform new iguana owners of responsible care for the popular reptile.

Iguanas are one of the most popular pets in the world, but some new iguana owners are unaware of how to properly care for the reptiles. The exotic pets have immense appeal to pet owners of all types but without proper education of the species, even the most well-intending owner may make mistakes regarding their iguana's health. Those who bring home an iguana from a pet store may not know the optimal temperature for the animal or its eating habits. However, the majority of baby iguanas at the pet store are going to owners that will not provide them the proper care. Those who are looking for information on responsible iguana care can now take part in a free 10 day course from

“How To Raise Iguanas: Your Step-By Step Guide To Iguana Care!” takes new and perspective iguana owners through all the elements of an iguana's care. Course author Richard James, along with a team of a veterinarian and a herpetologist, offer a free 10 day plan to teach iguana owners vital care and health tips.

Topics covered include whether an iguana the right pet for you, things to consider before picking an iguana, critical items that you must have your iguana, nutrition, proper habitats and much more.

Benefits of the course include:

- Unlimited Free Updates
- Weekly Step-by-Step Guide On How to Raise Happy and Healthy Iguanas
- Tips, tutorials, news and other vital reads in your inbox weekly

“What is the difference between how a professional iguana owner’s iguana behaves and how your iguana behaves? It’s not the iguana’s age, or your iguana’s breed attributes. But rather the information that you or any iguana owner has. It’s the knowledge. It’s what we know about raising iguanas, that you don’t,” says author Richard James.

Those interested in owning a baby iguana are urged to sign up for this free 10 day course on iguana care. Signing up now allows subscribers to receive a bonus manual, “The Truth About Iguanas In Pet Stores, Before You Bring Them Home.” Sign up for the “How to Raise Iguanas” now at

About Iguana Planet is committed to the education of responsible iguana ownership. In addition to the free course, also maintains a helpful blog for pet owners to learn fascinating facts about their pets, plus resources and care sheets.

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