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Rangers Seating Chart making Ticket Booking easy

Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWire) -- 04/11/2013 --The Major Baseball League game is all set to be played at the Rays Homecoming stadium Tropicana Field which has one of the unique design features with different sections that have multiple decks. The Tropicana Field Seating Chart is now available for booking. The Tampa Bay Rays field side Boxes are non-club seats that are positioned immediately next to the field. These are the best seats for the fans because they can reach out as well as touch the dirt on their field below.

These field side boxes are most wanted by fans because these are excellent positions where they can catch foul balls because the foul territory is quite small in size in the Tropicana Field. These tickets are specifically sold by the Rays Premium Seating Sales Department. Most of the tickets in this ballpark are available as both individual game purchases as well as season tickets. The season ticket holders can get special discounts when compared to the individual game ticket holders. Fans can also buy the tickets from the secondary market for good deals and discounts on the tickets for the Rays homecoming game.

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Texas Rangers,, based at St. Petersburg, Florida is a tremendous stadium to view the Major League Baseball game this season. The Tropicana Field Seating Chart is now available for booking and game lovers can have a look at the different locations and seats across the stadium. Like any other stadium, this ballpark also offers various seating sections that are spread across multiple decks such as the Rays Home Plate Club, Rays Fieldside Boxes, Rays Baseline Boxes, Rays Upper Boxes and so on.

The Tropicana ballpark is an enclosed ballpark that is located in one of the best places in the state of Florida. The ballpark is built with the help of large support structures right under the dome. These structures are termed as Catwalks. The field is completely enclosed during any time of the day because of the non-retractable domed roof. The catwalks structures are known for creating odd ground rules in most of the Rays Games. The capacity of the ground can be increased by removing the tarps which usually cover the seats at the highest level.

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