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Oakland Gardens, NY -- (SBWire) -- 04/12/2013 --Provillus is a well known name and a proven life saver for both men and women who have been looking for a solution to their hair fall. Provillus makes a distinct and unique formulation for hair growth and improves the scalp condition to give brand new hair which feels soft, strong from the root and as natural as the existing hair.

Provillus comes in two different forms, one as an oral supplement encased in a veggie capsule which makes it easy to swallow, even for vegetarians. The other form which is more famous and recommended for use is the topical solution. The Provillus topical solution comes with an applicator in the shape of a dropper. The formula for Provillus changes for both men and women, as the experts and scientists behind the formulation understand the importance of difference in scalp tissue of both males and females.

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Men often lose hair pre maturely due to genetically inherited conditions, or as a side effect of some medications. Even putting on weight and turning towards obesity can seriously hamper the hair condition and make the follicles weak so hair comes out from the root. Male Pattern Baldness is another severe condition which affects 3 out of 10 men all over the world. The condition is so severe that hair starts falling in patches from either the crown or from the front of the forehead. Women often experience the same condition as males and lose the most amount of hair directly above the forehead. Another reason why women lose hair may be due to hormonal imbalance, pregnancy, menopausal stage or some other inherited reason. Hair cut styles such as layers and bangs to cover up the bald spots is both embarrassing as well as fail to hide the obvious receding hair line.

For all such people, Provillus solution for both men and women is a great way to re-grow hair directly from the root. The formula penetrates into the scalp into the root area where sebum or the oily secretion from hair follicles is collected and stops the hair from growing. The formula, Provillus solution allows the sebum to be removed and a new hair root shoots up in its place. Hair is re-grown in a long time period; sometimes it may take 6 or more months to see visible results.

About Provillus
Provillus is a hair loss treatment product that is considered to be one of the most effective and safest hair loss treatment products in the market.

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