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Industry Level Music Group is a private talent development firm that seeks talented artists and actors to represent at major music labels and film companies.

New York, NY -- (SBWire) -- 04/15/2013 --Marketing a music artist is a lot simple than imagined from someone on the outside looking in. Music is a business just like any other business out there. They have a product, they market the product, they sell the product, and than they profit from the product. There is a lot of competition in the market place these days so marketing an artist isn't always the easiest task to accomplish.

1. Create a niche - Not every artist in the world can be marketed the same. Creating a niche is the most important thing an artist must do before he/she starts laying down the ground work. Comedian Rappers, Sexy Diva's, Make-up, Crazy Costumes, these are all examples of niche's that will help an artist stand out.

2. Industry Level Endorsements - Having a beat or song created by a producer who has an established name in the industry will help an artist to tap into a market they normally wouldn't see. Example: When someone goes to the store to buy a soft-drink they normally purchase "Pepsi" or "Coke" Products. Why? Simple, people are familiar with those brand names and the reputation that they represent. Using a producer that will bring a solid reputation and quality product to the new up and coming artist will expand the new artist's fan base and bring a sense of legitimacy to the music.

3. Be Creative - A lot of up and coming artists these days utilize hip hop blog sites such as worldstarhiphop, vladtv, allhiphop etc. to promote themselves. Some times the promotional material that is posted has nothing to do with music. It might be a trailer to a movie, a funny skit, or a real life situation that can be used to cross promote the artists music. Being creative in this process to capture the audiences attention is important and becoming a necessity in today's entertainment market.

4.) Power to the people - The fans are the most important foundational piece for an artist. An artist should treat fans with the up most respect. Word of mouth is underrated and must be acknowledged on the highest levels.

Artists should follow these four steps when marketing themselves in 2013, the music business is constantly changing with new innovative ways to connect artists with fans across the globe. Stay tuned for valuable more information from Industry Level Music Group.

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