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Excess body fat can lead to infertility, menstrual irregularity and even miscarriage. Diet Doc designs diet plans specifically for women trying to lose weight fast to experience a healthy pregnancy and the transition into motherhood.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWire) -- 04/15/2013 --Studies published in volume 83, issue 11 of the journal "Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica", show that obesity can pose an increased risk for countless gynecological problems in women, especially those within childbearing age. Excess body fat can lead to infertility and even miscarriage. In addition to causing menstrual disorders, obesity lends a strong detrimental effect on the health of expectant mothers, as well as the newborn, and is associated with an increased risk of death in both the baby and the mother with the mother at 10 times higher risk of high blood pressure. Expectant mothers who are obese are more likely to develop gestational diabetes, toxemia and undergo forced Cesarean section delivery, as well as overdue births, longer labors and blood loss during delivery. Infants of women who are obese during an otherwise healthy pregnancy are more likely to be of high birth weight carrying a higher rate of forced Cesarean section delivery as well as increasing the risk for birth defects in the newborn, such as spina bifida. These same studies show that women that lose as little as 10% of their body weight are effective in improving menstrual regularity, ovulation and enjoying a healthy pregnancy. Whether for women attempting weight loss for a healthy pregnancy, or those trying to lose post birth baby weight, Diet Doc can develop personalized hCG diet plans tailored around each patients individual needs.

Diet Doc has created the nation’s leading medically monitored hCG diet plans that are proven effective in producing safe and fast weight loss, garnering improved health for all patients. By combining decades of scientific fast weight loss research, the knowledge and expertise of specially trained professionals, creating patient specific, medically supervised diet plans and providing dieters with pure prescription hCG, women are excitedly boasting results of over one pound per day of unhealthy excess fat loss.

Upon completion of an extensive evaluation conducted wither via telephone or Skype, followed by a consultation with a Diet Doc physician, certified nutritionists will then design personalized, tailor made hCG diet plans specific to each woman’s individual dietary and nutritional needs. Prescription hCG will be dispensed, which is typically administered once daily, while following the customized hCG diet plans. Injectable prescription hCG is the most preferred method of delivery; however, some patients may prefer sublingual tablets or oral prescription hCG drops. Regardless of the mode of delivery, women can anticipate the rapid loss of excess fat, typically in the most stubborn and difficult to lose areas, such as the underarms, hips, thighs and belly. Patients will notice impressively fast weight loss, usually within the first week of beginning the hCG diet plans, with most patients achieving weight loss goals within one to five cycles, each lasting a month. Each woman’s diet experience is medically supervised and progress is monitored with constant communication to assure a safe and successful weight loss journey.

Diet Doc continues to lead competitors in medically supervised prescription hCG diet plans and offers the only modern day version of the original 1950’s hCG diet plans. Diet Doc has helped thousands of women transitioning into motherhood to lose weight to assure a safe and healthy pregnancy.

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