The Latest CNC Hypertherm Plasma Cutter Now Available in South Africa Through Advance Machinery

Gauteng, South Africa -- (SBWire) -- 04/15/2013 --Advance Machinery (Pty) Ltd, a company dedicated in providing semi-automatic and automatic CNC machines, has recently included the CNC Plasma cutter with Hypertherm Powermax system to their list of products. This latest CNC machine has been highly demanded within South Africa however very few companies are actually providing the product. The Hypertherm Powermax systems have gained worldwide attention for their quick, clean and precision cutting.

The company informed like all of their CNC machines their latest product CNC Hypertherm Plasma is also manufactured in China where latest technological machinery are made at affordable price. Advance Machinery (Pty) Ltd also provides after sales support which has been the key of their success for past decade. The company’s provision of affordable Chinese machinery and after sales support enables the consumers to take advantage of the price difference without worrying about the maintenance of the product.

The CNC Hypertherm Powermax Plasma has been considered as the elite CNC machinery available today. The latest technology has outperformed Oxy-Fuel based cutting in precision and speed. The absence of pre-heating and secondary operations also increases productivity manifold. Other factors such as ease of use, low operating cost, reliability and many more have made the product a premier option when there is a requirement for cutting metals.

Advance Machinery (Pty) Ltd has an extensive database with range of CNC machines. CNC Plasma machines of various sizes are available through them. For example one of their large CNC plasma machines is Gantry CNC Plasma. Gantry CNC Plasma has a powerful high ampere Hypertherm plasma cutting system which is suitable for middle or large engineering and metal profile cutting businesses. The company also provides cheap CNC plasma machines like their CNC Portable Plasma Cutter with Oxy-Fuel Cutting. This affordable machine is one of the most highly demanded products of the company as it provides fine cutting quality on thin plates and can cut other plates as well with optimum results.

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Advanced Machinery (Pty) Ltd is one of the leading companies that provides latest automatic and semi-automatic CNC machines. Through their online platform,, the various products offered by the company and the specific details of these products can be viewed. The company is known for its highly competitive priced CNC machinery and for its provision of exceptional after sales support.

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