'Stressed to Refreshed: 7 Secrets for Stressed and Shouty Mums' by Julia Harris Available for Free Download

Tyne, UK -- (SBWire) -- 04/15/2013 --Juggling the many responsibilities of work and home can be very stressful.  Life is becoming more and more stressful and the building pressure of managing both can cause many women to simply burn out. Generally women are the more nurturing gender, thus they are programmed to strive to look after others to the best of their ability. Throughout history women have taken care of  the home, performing the house work and looking after the children, while men were the bread winners. These roles have now changed and women are now looking after the house and leading successful business careers. Fulfilling the responsibilities of both work and home can prove to be stressful and many women do not know how to deal with that constant stress.

Julia Harris, The Calm Mum Coach understands the stress that working mothers face and has compiled a free e-book to help mothers deal with the stress they have to face in their daily lives. “Stressed to Refreshed: 7 secrets for stressed and shouty mums” has stress tips for working mothers and as its name suggests, has tried and tested techniques for managing stress levels and gaining back control. This e-book aims to help working mothers create an effective action plan to change their mindset and their lives for the better. The change will help working mothers be calm and confident, find time for themselves to refresh and recharge, go after their dreams and be able to make time to spend with the family.

Julia Harris knows what working mothers go through when they juggle home and work. She once was a “stressed and shouty mum” herself. She realizes the feeling of guilt and frustration working mothers face when things seem to be out of control. She has overcome the same stress in her life and now she is showing working mothers around the globe how to reduce working mothers stress and gain control of their lives and live the lives that they love and have always desired.

The e-book is has been written with working mothers in mind who often do not have the time to read books, thus it is easy to digest and is in bite-sized pieces. This book will teach working mothers how to bring a more positive change in their lives and go from being stressed and shouty to calm, confident and in control. Stressed to Refreshed: 7 Calm Mum Secrets e-book is available online free of charge.

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