Announces Top 50 Health & Wellness Self-Help Programs / Books / eBooks for 2013

Western Cape, South Africa -- (SBWire) -- 04/16/2013 is proud to announce that it will be revealing the winners of its first annual Top 50 Health & Wellness Self-Help Programs/Books/eBooks in May this year. The winners will be divided into 5 different categories, which are:

- Dieting / Weight Loss

- Fitness / Muscle Building

- Mental Health / Wellbeing

- Conditions / Disorders / Addiction

- Beauty / Sexual Health

The Top 50 Health & Wellness Self-Help Programs/Books for 2013 will contain a collection of the best health, fitness, and wellness programs, books and ebooks, ranging from programs designed to assist with physical issues like weight loss, muscle building, skin care and physical ailments/conditions (acne, sleep disorders etc) to mental issues like anxiety, panic attacks, depression and addiction. The winners will be nominated through an extensive and interactive nomination process, in which all Natural Health Report visitors are welcome to take part in and submit their nominations by following the link below.

Follow This Link To Submit Your Nomination For The Best Health Related Self Help Program, Book or eBook

Most of us should appreciate that our health is the most important asset we have in life and that if there are shortfalls in this regard, or perhaps something that we feel we can improve on, we’d like to take advantage of that. This is why self help programs have become so popular today. The crushing costs of conventional medical care today coupled with the progressively deeper understanding by more and more people of the inner workings of the human body has led to a vast array of ‘self’help’ programs being published which are designed to treat anything from physical conditions like weight and skin care issues to mentally related issues like anxiety, depression and addiction.

Yet of the thousands of programs out there today, all of which make similar promises of effectiveness, there are some which fail to deliver on their promises for many users. By the same token there are many self help programs which do deliver and believes that nominations from actual users of these programs will provide a clear overview of some of the best programs available, based on their difficulty, effectiveness, results, customer service and value for money.

Annual Top 50 Awards
The nominees are all well-known and popular around the world, with some of the programs being more recognizable than others; many of these programs are known to provide amazing results and serve as a real solution to many health related challenges that readers face on a daily basis. has put a lot of effort into researching and evaluating these nominees and the Top 50 Health & Wellness Self-Help Programs for 2013 brings you the best of the best – complete with details and in-depth reviews.

The winners will be chosen from a variety of popular health and wellness programs and eBooks around the world and divided into five categories (see above). These programs help people to improve their fitness, health, and wellness and they are ideal to incorporate into a modern lifestyle. From the latest diets and wellness programs, to the best workouts for muscle building or fat loss to remedying anxiety and addiction; the awards will be covering all the best programs available on the market. Readers and followers from around the world are welcome to submit a nominee by following the link below and submitting the program they believe should be considered. The organizers are looking forward to receiving all readers’ recommendations and all programs will be considered.

For more information on the annual Top 50 Health & Wellness Self-Help Programs/Books/eBooks for 2013 and to submit your nominations, follow this link.

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