News Amalgamation Site Unbiasly to Change the Way We See the World

Have you ever read the same news story in two completely different papers and almost had to look over both again, simply because the takes on what happened were so disparate. And that’s in the first world – where we like to think we have freedom of speech among other things. Sad to say, newspapers, media outlets and TV channels tend to cater for their own interests and often the only way to get an accurate view of what’s going on is to read a variety of sources. Of course, this can take time, effort and it’s often hard to get to exactly what you require.


Manchester, Lancs -- (SBWire) -- 04/17/2013 --Enter, Unbiasly – a news amalgamation engine that offers access to an account of a specific news story or piece of information by the entry of a keyword. The aim of the platform is to provide you with an accurate and unbiased account of a news piece.

Users of the site can then hone the search and drill down to the nuts and bolts they require by entering more keywords. Of course, the thing that makes Unbiasly different to a regular search engine is that it also offers the option of searching the social media platforms Twitter, Facebook linked to your account and Instagram images.

Users flick between the tabs associated with each news and social media site and are offered real time information in accordance with their keywords, all in one place. The ‘Browse’ area is also something that can really be appreciated and offers you access to the same story across multiple outlets for your reading pleasure.

Easy to Use and Find Info

There can be little confusion over how to use the platform and it’s a simple, well laid out site that really and truly puts a great concept into good practice.

One of the more deeply ingrained options within the platform’s software is the ability to rate articles based on their level of bias, how well written they are and how interesting and informative you deem them to be. This crowd powered feature is certainly something that facilitates the impartial rising to the top.

‘Share your Story’ allows users the chance to right any wrongs, change any information or correct a misquotation or misrepresentation. Aside from the general purpose to facilitate the truth, Unbiasly here offers people the chance to say something that will be heard. It’s something that could be extremely powerful if Unbiasly is to become more popular.

Fairness and Freedom

Of course, that’s partially the issue, not all good ideas get picked up immediately on the Internet or in fact, in life. Unbiasly is one such great idea with a focus on eliminating unfair accounts of what’s happening – something few of us can disagree with in principal.

Take Twitter’s power for instance. The thousands of tweets a minute create a lot of noise and so such a platform could not only greatly reduce the noise, but also find the quality tweets from among the rubbish.

As we know, Twitter offers amazing potential for those who want real time reporting and has been the lynch pin of so much breaking news and important reporting. Unbiasly uses this social networking power to deliver this information to you.

The same can be said for its abilities via Instagram and also your Facebook friends’ comments. It cuts through to what matters to you.

As you can see it’s not just the accounts of large multinational news corporations either. Unbiasly takes the individual into account, showcasing people’s personal takes on events via social media channels.

In essence, Unbiasly has the potential to be a significant player in the media industry and also the social spectrum. It offers a lot of positives and works on the modern principal of crowd curation and could be an extremely powerful platform if it takes off. And it’s very understandable why this is the case.

Misinformation can create all sorts of issues and have calamitous outcomes on small and large levels. A site like Unbiasly deserves the chance to be heard, or facilitate the balanced in being heard.

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