The High Tech Ripple Effect of Rippln Is Already Captivating the Masses Worldwide- One Month Prior to It's Release! Will the "Ripple" Form the Next High Tech Tsunami


Kissimmee, FL -- (SBWire) -- 05/10/2013 --A new mobile app platform named Rippln has already “rippled” through some 250,000 followers since it was leaked thru a Google plus account on 4-14-13. The company of the same name is operating in “stealth mode” as it readies for its official launch to 78 countries at the end of this May. Find out more here !

Why all the buzz about Rippln when it hasn’t even been launched yet? One of Rippln’s founders, Jonathan Budd, puts it this way in a blog post on 4-21-13.

“We… believe people deserve to participate in the value they create in the market place. If we are creating billions of dollars in value for many technology companies, we believe the people deserve to be rewarded a % of what they create.”

How people participate is through incentivized sharing using a network marketing model.

Rippln videos tout Facebook when it was a startup and poses the question what if you got paid for sharing it?

Rippln folks have been tightlipped about details until their product launch in a month. The Rippln platform and app use a “freemium” model meaning you give it away but make money on the back end with market “upsells” like gaming app upgrades.  In a recent corporate email, Rippln likens the concept to a Finnish company that makes $1 million a day through a “freemium” game called “Clash of Clans.” Although the game is free, the upgrades cost up to $100.

Rippln Cofounder Jonathan Budd hints at the diversity of the Rippln platform.

“Any technology, product, or service we choose to integrate… can tie into our platform & our users will have the ability to be rewarded for the value created in their ripples.”

Critics have surfaced calling Rippln a pyramid scheme but Budd refutes those claims.

“I believe many people don’t even think about the negativity they spew into the world before they say these things. Many people will simply tear something down before they know anything about it.”  Budd goes on to say, “One of my favorite lines I’ve heard recently is… “There’s no statue built for a critic.” and it’s quite true.

Currently there is a free simple signup process (through invitation only) at .  The “ripple effect” of Rippln is being touted as the biggest innovation since email but that remains to be seen. Still, with only word of mouth advertising mostly in social media, Rippln has gone viral already before it is release publicly around 5-27-13.


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