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London, UK -- (SBWire) -- 05/14/2013 --When it comes to getting fit for summer, athletes are turning to Whey protein for help. The supplements offer multiple health benefits, and by many, it’s considered to be the “Gold Standard” of protein because it’s the most nutritious protein available, according to the Whey Protein Institute. Because of it’s increased use among athletes and body builders, WhatWhey.com hopes to educate consumers about the best products on the market.


Whey protein is the protein contained in whey, the watery portion of milk that separates from the curds when making cheese. Basically, whey makes up about 20 percent of total cow's milk protein and casein protein makes up the remaining 80 percent, according to the Live Strong Organization.

“Whey protein is used for improving athletic performance, as a food supplement, as an alternative to milk for people with lactose intolerance, for replacing or supplementing milk-based infant formulas, and for reversing weight loss and increasing glutathione (GSH) in people with HIV disease,” according to WebMD.

Health experts also suggest the use of whey protein for protein allergy, asthma, high cholesterol, obesity and weight loss, preventing allergies in infants, late-stage cancer and colon cancer.


Whey protein is a source of protein that might improve the nutrient content of the diet. Whey protein might also have effects on the immune system. Whey protein is often sold in a supplement powder that you mix with water and drink.


“A 2009 study at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada found that, despite being at rest, subjects who consumed whey had nine times greater muscle repair and growth than those who ate other types of protein (casein and soy),” as published in Men’s Fitness magazine. “After exercise, the same whey group saw a 122 percent greater muscle protein synthesis compared to the casein group and 31 percent greater than the soy group.”

On WhatWhey.com, you can get quick stats on popular whey protein supplements on the market. Our website compares the different types by protein, fat content, carbohydrates and more. We also provide a detailed overview of each product, whom it may benefit, how to use it and other frequently asked questions. Our comparison charts also make it easy for you to figure out the best protein supplement for your health needs. We are also researching and writing articles about new information regarding supplements, protein use, workouts and other health and fitness-related articles. It’s our goal to help you better understand protein supplements and what you can do to maximize your fitness goal.


We believe that most of supplements are beneficial. We understand however that success of some supplements is based on good marketing rather than quality. That is why we try to "strip off" supplements, show you key ingredients and explain what do they do to your body.

We created unique rating system, which gives you an idea how particular supplement was rated on Internet. We do not rate supplements ourselves. We understand every body reacts a bit differently to different supplements.

WhatWhey.com has been created as a reliable source of knowledge about Whey protein supplements available on UK market. We are free of biased reviews. We are not influenced by any supplement manufacturer or store. Our goal is to deliver as much unbiased information as possible to give you pure facts. Facts that matter.

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