Public Adjuster Offers Advice to People Whose Homes Are Damaged by Fire

Freehold, NJ -- (SBWire) -- 05/09/2013 --Many home and business owners have contacted a public adjuster NJ office lately looking for help in getting fair settlements from their insurance policies, and most of them were victims of fire. It is known that fire is one of the most devastating natural agents, causing the loss of many human lives and significant material damages.

In New Jersey, one of the most common mistakes the owners of the houses or commercial locations affected by fire make is to file an insurance claim before consulting a public adjuster, NJ insurance companies taking advantage of this and offering them much lower compensations than the ones they are entitled to. Most of them barely cover half of the expenses incurred for the repairs and damage control.

The first step everyone should take when their property is damaged by fire is to contact an experienced public adjuster and present their case. From the stipulations of the insurance policy to the actual evaluation of the damages produced by the fire, before signing any agreement with the public adjuster, NJ owners should receive an honest and detailed report on what their situation is, how their claim should be filed and how much money they can hope to obtain.

It is just like hiring a lawyer: people present their case, the lawyer tells them what can be done and they decide whether to pay the honorary or not. Those who are not satisfied with the expectations of the report are free to contact another adjuster.

It is important for owners to remember that the insurance companies are not exactly their best friends, as they have their own interests to protect, and, financially speaking, these interests intend to collect as much money as possible on the insurance policies and to pay as little as possible as compensation. The public adjusters are the only ones who can maintain a balance between the insurance company’s interests and those of the people they have insured.

Luckily, it is not that difficult to find a good public adjuster, NJ hosting several reputed offices. Among them, the word has it that Equitable Public Adjusters are the best, perhaps the only ones who cannot be accused of having reached agreements with the insurance companies or of neglecting their clients’ interests.

Every claim is filed and managed by an experienced public adjuster, based on detailed and fair evaluations and unbreakable arguments. From the filing of the claim to the signing of the agreement with the insurance company, the client is informed on every initiative taken, the communication between the adjuster and the client being always a priority.

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