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Seattle, WA -- (SBWire) -- 05/09/2013 --If you are visiting Seattle or whether you’ve lived here all your life, it’s really hard to avoid the Seattle Coffee Scene. But not all of us have the time to visit all the coffee houses, cafes, espresso drive-thru stands that we’ve all heard so much about. In a city like Seattle with a robust Coffee Scene that is always changing, staying ahead of the game is important if you want to enjoy the best coffee available in the Emerald City.000

What’s a coffee lover to do?

There are certainly a lot of information on there on the variety of Coffee Shops in Seattle. Which websites do you trust? Which websites provides information on the feel or ambiance of the place? One website or blog is Seattle Coffee Scene, which has been providing great reviews on all of the cafes in and around Seattle.

Seattle Coffee Scene is more than just a blog about coffee it’s a dedicated website that highlights the best that Seattle has to offer when it comes to coffee in this coffee loving town. Additionally, the website also talks about the various neighborhoods, coffee related news, and new cafes that pop up all the time.

The Scene Coffee Scene blog is written by and for coffee lovers, but it is also written from a customer’s perspective. In fact, the blog is not written for the pretentious types who know “all about coffee.” This blog is written for those who like coffee and who would like to discover great coffee and not feel embarrassed about asking questions or trying new things. The Seattle Coffee Scene is certainly an amazing eclectic culture that impacts the entire city – from arts, real estate, employment, and fashion, the Seattle Coffee Scene almost takes up a life of its own.

Discover a new coffee shop per week.

The Seattle Coffee scene is dedicated to find out new coffee shops, cafes, coffee house, and other related stories that are brought right to your fingertips. But don’t worry, we’re not about talking trash or mocking anyone’s coffee. Rather, SCS is engaged in highlighting the best Seattle has to offer.

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