Inmate Locator Search Service Now Available Online from Jail Bird Search

Austin, TX -- (SBWire) -- 05/10/2013 --Inmate Locator Service is now available Online. Combined state prison search services are now being provided by Jail Bird Search.

Experts at Jail Bird Search state that locating a prison inmate can be an arduous process. Each state typically runs their own separate search system, making it difficult for users to figure out where to begin their search.

"Jail Bird Search offers a single starting point to begin looking for a prison inmate" stated Jan Stevens from Jail Bird Search, "Most users are trying to find friends or relatives that are currently incarcerated, although some users may also be the victim of a crime interested in keeping tabs on the perpetrator."

Users can begin a search typically by providing the first name, last name and state of the prisoner they are trying to locate on the Jail Bird Search Site.

Be methodical when doing your search. If you don’t find the person you are looking for first try, don’t give up. Try the last name and an initial for the first. You enter spelling variations and any past aliases. Play around with the data including birth date to cover all the bases.

Inmate listings are public records. That means as long as you have Internet access, even if it is at the local library or coffee shop, you have the tools necessary to locate and reach out to a prison inmate.

A computer is the fastest way to locate an inmate, but it may not be the only one. If you have no Internet access, check the phone book for Department of Corrections. Visit the local library to access phone books from other states if necessary. Call the prison and ask how you can get inmate information offline. If they can’t help, maybe they can give you the right number to call.

When attempting to contact a prisoner that you have located, it's important to note that prison systems allow inmates to call out but you cannot call there to talk. You may initiate contact contact with a person by letter, ask them to call you collect. That will open up the lines of communication. Some facilities allow inmates to receive emails or personal visits but establishing contact is the first step.

The DOC ID number is necessary for communication with an inmate. Letters and packages must have this number on them to get through.

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