Reviews Show Gaby Gonen Ranks as Top Manager at Life Alert

New York, NY -- (SBWire) -- 05/14/2013 --The manager of one of the largest Life Alert offices in the US, Gaby Gonen has proven in nearly two decades of service to one of the best, most effective managers in the Life Alert family. The secret to Gaby’s approach can be found in the efforts at self-improvement to help him succeed in all managerial aspects at his company. For Gaby, a true leader helps improve those he leads by improving himself first.

The results of Gaby’s leadership are outstanding and the reviews are exceptional:

“The one-on-one meetings and 1 o'clock trainings taught me a lot and meant more to me than any monetary compensation,” said Martin, one of Gonen’s former direct sellers.

“I consider Gaby a role model and someone to emulate.”

The success that Gaby Gonen has enjoyed at Life Alert is a testament to the calm professionalism that he displays each and every day. Life Alert provides fast emergency care to people who have just experienced a sudden illness or injury that requires immediate attention. Life Alert represents a vital service as the minutes saved in getting medical attention on the scene can save a life. Gaby Gonen represents the type of manager who takes his responsibilities seriously. The numbers of people, especially seniors with chronic medical issues that represent many of the Life Alert consumer base rely on this service to help them when they cannot help themselves.

“I take this business very seriously as well…I’ve come to see and believe that it is of paramount importance that my authority manifests itself in two ways, my sense of fortress and integrity. Each person is no better than the other and the only form of judgment on my part is based on their production, effort, our subscriber’s needs, the company’s mission and their attitude. I expect people to do the best job they can.” – Gaby Gonen

This quote from Gaby represents a powerful view as to the seriousness he takes his responsibilities as well as his own sense of judgment and managerial style. A person that works in Gaby’s office understands exactly what is to be expected which helps build success for Life Alert. From his New York park Avenue office, Gaby sees his roll as helping his team to succeed by providing Life Alert customers with the products and services that are needed.

There is pride in doing an effective job, but the managerial skills that Gaby has developed during his nearly two decades with Life Alert are focused on getting the most out of his employees and everyone else he works with by creating a unique, close relationships where everyone works together towards their personal goals while working together.

In addition, Gaby’s managerial style eschews the impersonal meetings and focuses more on developing the best one to one relationships with the members of his team and their customers. Gaby conducts seminars and is available at all times to help answer questions, provide guidance and generally help the people in his office provide the best service possible at all times. There is no formality in creating the family atmosphere that creates the best working environment. Gaby Gonen shows the focus, commitment and drive to get the most productive work out of his team so that Life Alert can help as many people as possible.

About Gaby Gonen
Originally from Israel, Gonen moved to New York City to be in the beating heart of global commerce. He has researched people and businesses such as Bill Gates, the Disney Corporation and Dell Computers. He advises companies on marketing, branding and building sales teams. He is currently in the process of writing his first sales book. He is now the Director of sales for Life Alert located in the New York office.





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