Synerbolics Introduces Deer Antler Velvet for Powerful Muscle Growth and Weight Loss

Palm Beach Gardens, FL -- (SBWire) -- 05/14/2013 --Ancient Chinese and Indian traditions have used herbs as medicine for thousands of years, while relatively unknown the medicinal powers of some herbs, many cultures reaped the benefits of the chemical compounds found in plants and animal substances that are beneficial for long term health of humans. Deer Antler Velvet among the several thousands of different Chinese medicines. Antler Velvet is the cartilaginous antler obtained from a male stag Deer. Male Deer grow new antlers every year just before mating season, before the antlers harden, they are velvety and cartilaginous full with nerves and blood vessels. This amazing growth spurt happens in just a couple of months. These cartilaginous antlers have a biochemical extract, it is an Insulin-like Growth Hormone that is uniquely powerful. Scientific research has concluded this biochemical has a positive effect on nerve repair and cellular integrity. It was revealed that, after using the chemical, spinal cord motor neurons repair themselves, at a rate several times faster than the rate at which they degrade. Thereby sharpening user’s mental acuity and tenacity.

Synerbolics has created a number of Antler velvet supplements available at:, these supplements are made using the most potent extraction technology available in the market. They have created this powerful extract by employing a three-part extraction process for the most concentrated formula, about 43 pounds of harvested raw antler is required make just 1 pound of their patented Antler velvet extract. These supplements are for improving various conditions. Many professional athletes use deer velvet due to its capability to supplement faster healing of the micro tears in muscle tissue that result from exertion and rigors of a tough workout regimen.

Synerbolics also produces a weight loss supplement using Deer Antler Velvet’s Insulin-like Growth Hormone which is also quite effective in speeding up one’s metabolism but preserves muscle tissue. This means that people who are looking to speed up the weight loss process can use it along with their diet plans and exercise routine while not losing muscle. Synerbolics supplements are without the harsh side effects, fillers and synthetic materials which results in products that are safe for long term use. People looking for weight loss supplement often choose dangerous and ineffective weight loss supplements which have countless side effects. Synerbolic’s weight loss supplements available at: are made with all-natural formulation which deliver promised results without the side effects.

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