Tri-State Water Restoration Inc. Offers New Tips to Remain Safe During Powerful Summer Storms


Bensalem, PA -- (SBWire) -- 05/14/2013 --Over the past several years, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York area residents have experienced several bouts of storm related devastation. Most recently, Hurricane Sandy destroyed billions of dollars worth of property. Prior to Hurricane Sandy, there were a series of violent thunderstorms during the summer of 2012 that left behind a trail of destruction. The northeastern part of the Unites States is often regarded as one of the safer places to live in respect to natural disaster. Although residents of the northeastern U.S are typically spared events like tornadoes and hurricanes, powerful storms often leave behind a great deal of damage. Now, Tri-State Water Restoration Inc. is informing property owners about new ways to remain safe during these fierce storms.

The first tip that Tri-State Water Restoration Inc. has to offer is to plan early. Don’t wait until the storm is hours away to take the appropriate steps to prepare. Some things simply can’t be done at the last minute and property owners that attempt to take precautions too late may place themselves in unnecessary danger. Installing storm shutters, reinforced doors, and impact-resistant windows may be a worthwhile investment. However, installing these items hours before a storm hits is not advised.

Secondly, Tri-State Water Restoration Inc. recommends keeping emergency supplies on hand at all times. Some important items to keep in stock include traditional emergency supplies like bottled water and canned goods. However, Tri-State Water Restoration Inc. also recommends that property owners have battery-powered radios or televisions. In an event of prolonged power outages, these items can keep individuals informed and perhaps safer in an emergency.

Lastly, Tri-State Water Restoration Inc. urges individuals to evaluate the outside of a property long before a storm occurs. One of the single most controllable causes of damage during a storm is the removal of loose items. Loose items can be anything from a trash can to landscaping décor. Many times an item may appear to be structurally sound, but when heavy winds arrive those items quickly become projectiles that can leave a house severely damaged. The removal of certain trees or branches may be a good idea, as they are often the culprit of significant damage. Tri-State Water Restoration Inc. offers much more than water restoration in PA. In fact, the professionals at Tri-State Water Restoration Inc. will provide everything from emergency board up of a property to debris removal as a result of storm damage.

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As a locally owned and operated company, Tri-State Water Restoration Inc. is proud to offer emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They provide immediate response to any location and tackle any problem or issues that need to be addressed. They are experienced in removal of mold and will remove any water or debris that is still there so no further damages are accrued. For any additional problem areas, Tri-State Water Restoration Inc. offers free estimates that homeowner’s need checked out.

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