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Boston, MA -- (SBWire) -- 05/20/2013 --Offersushi provide excellent birthday party ideas when it comes to catering your next event. Offersushi is a unique type of sushi catering service to the Boston area providing excellent traditional and special sushi choices that are made for the entire family. It is little wonder that Offersushi is becoming one of the more attractive birthday party ideas for feeding happy, hungry people for celebrating in the Boston area.

While sushi may not seem like the first choice for catering a birthday party, the truth is that millions of people love sushi and the wide variety of choices that it brings. In addition to birthday parties, Offersushi caters to a wide range of events that include holiday celebrations, bat and bar mitzvahs, seminars, business events and the like.

Because sushi-themed events are certainly a unique type of catering choices that Boston area residents have enjoyed for years. What helps make Offersushi appealing is the wide variety of choices offered from traditional Japanese preparation to updated, unique takes that incorporate local flavor into the menu. What follows is a short sample of the many different choices that Offersushi provides for their catering service that can make birthday parties truly unique and festive events.

- Avocado & Asparagus Roll
- California Roll
- Dragon Roll
- Philadelphia Roll
- Red Sox Roll, perfect for the Boston area
- Spicy Heaven Tuna Roll

Chef Ryan leads the Offersushi catering service and his years of experience has led to the creation of a tasty menu that makes for great birthday party ideas when it comes to sushi. Augmenting the traditional sushi choices with updated flavors that reflect the Boston area tastes, Offersushi provides excellent variety for birthday parties and all types of catering service needs.

Along with providing excellent birthday party ideas, Offersushi also has classes on just how to properly prepare sushi at home. Customers can learn in the comfort of their own kitchen just how the professionals prepare sushi using basic ingredients and adding the special flavors, spices and touches to make them unique. Being guided by a professional in Chef Ryan, Offersushi provides a unique look into how sushi is made the proper way.

Before Offersushi, Chef Ryan honed his skills as a sushi chef working for years in seafood restaurants. He too that unique experience along with is breadth of knowledge to turn Offersushi into a unique catering experience that excels at bringing the wonderful taste of sushi to the Boston area. From catering holiday celebrations, birthday parties and corporate events, Offersushi has also catered to respected local golf clubs in the region as well.

Coming up with birthday party ideas that separate this celebration from others can start by choosing Offersushi to cater the party. This provides guests with a unique, tasty treat that is certainly different from many other birthday parties that they have attended. Furthermore, the excellent customer service, professional preparation and years of catering experience that Offersushi provides insures that a birthday celebration will go as smoothly as possible, at least with the meal that is being provided.

For birthday party ideas that fit the budget and please the guests, Offersushi is a one-of-a-kind catering service that provides the best sushi in the Boston area .

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