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Ringoes, NJ -- (SBWire) -- 05/20/2013 --People who have a keen interest in sports usually have a lot to say about each particular game. Their passion is clearly noticeable when they sit in front of the television and scream their point of view at the television or sit in a group of friends debating over each crucial detail of the game. Each missed goal or a touchdown pass that was caught in the end zone brings along an upheaval of emotions for each fan. Now Sports Fans are getting a chance to share their views with the world over the internet during the event. is a platform for all avid Sports Fans to broadcast their unique Sports Commentary, opinions and thoughts.

Whether the game is being watched live, being enjoyed at a bar with buddies, at home on the television or listened to on the radio, sports fans will be able to broadcast their own unique thoughts and opinions through live text Sports Commentary of their favorite teams and sporting events. People can start live text commentaries on almost any sporting event by enrolling on and creating a commentary via a Pc, smart phone or tablet computer. Other fans and like-minded people will be able to read the live sport commentary throughout the game. Sport fans will also have an option to create a group commentary and have all their friends commentating on the same game simultaneously in a group live text commentaries. The website is a great forum for people to watch and view other fans commentating on games.

Live Sports Commentaries can be Factual, Amusing, Witty, and Passionate as they are a great outlet for people to share their unique perspective about games, by using their emotions people will also be able to build a fan following on the website.

The idea behind comes from the fact that every game or sporting event becomes much more enjoyable when there is a group of people who share the same passion and love of sports like Soccer, Tennis, American Football, Hockey, Basketball and Baseball. is owned and managed by likeminded Sports Fans that enjoy discussing their team’s ups and downs with other Fans. By actively participating on sports fans will be able expand their circle of people who share same interests as them, maybe even increase their knowledge about a game and possibly increase the enjoyment level of an event by ten folds.

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