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San Francisco, CA -- (SBWire) -- 05/20/2013 --The US government offers a number of incentives to small businesses. Some government incentives involve financing, while others involve rewarding businesses that hire certain types of employees. But for those seeking small business financing, government loans aren’t always an option.

Government small business financing programs tend to be restrictive and difficult to access. Applicants must meet a strict set of government requirements, and it can often feel like these requirements are set arbitrarily. is getting a lot of attention for helping businesses understand the government financing options. At, visitors will find a wide range of financing resources they can access to acquire a loan for their small business.

The website is designed to be as easy as possible to use. After arriving on the front page of the site, visitors simply locate their state on a map. Clicking on a state reveals specific information about small business financing in that region.

As a spokesperson for explains, many small business owners are surprised to learn just how many different financing offers are available through their state:

“We locate small business loans from all over the state, including loans provided by the state governments, counties, cities, economic development agencies, and non-profit groups. Each organization has its own reason for lending money to small business owners, although the main goal is to create jobs and grow communities. So, instead of giving their money to a multinational bank or a shady online financing company, small business owners can relax knowing that they’re giving something back to the community.”

After finding their state on the front page of, visitors can choose the exact city or county in which they live. The site lists development programs in specific regions across the United States, making it easy for small business owners to access the financing offers they need to grow their business.

The spokesperson explains that the terms of financing vary widely across each organization and lender:

“There are so many different lending programs available. The Business Microloan Program in South Dakota, for example, provides up to $50,000 in financing for a project (or 50%) with the remaining 50% provided by a bank. Many states have similar business loan arrangements available. Meanwhile, other financing agreements reward small business owners for creating jobs in small rural communities.”

The website urges visitors to learn more about their state’s financing programs by visiting the site today. Whether dealing with rejection from a bank or simply interested in financing with an honest, local lender, aims to make small business loans as easy as possible.

About is a small business financing website designed to help small business owners across the United States find the financing they need. The website includes specific information for counties, cities, and states across the country. For more information, please visit:

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