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Rome, GA -- (SBWire) -- 05/20/2013 --Few things in life are uncontrollable. Natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, and tornadoes are situations that are not in our hands. However, preparing yourself to face such situations is something everyone can do. In its website Survivalist Reviews has recently updated on the 72 hour survival kit and freeze dried food kit review. This will help people decide on what kinds of survival kits are most essential when facing an emergency situation. The website also provides reviews on various survival eBooks that deals on how to prepare for emergency situations.

In the 72 hour survival kit review, the website discusses about the components within a survival kit. These pre-made survival kits are of immense help when it comes to unforeseen circumstances. It is fully comprehensive survival kit and is a quick solution to emergency requirements. Survivalist Reviews gives information about five popular 72 hour survival kits which will enable people to decide on the best one. “Quakehold! 3000 The Survival Kit”, “Quakehold! 70280 Grab ‘n Go Emergency Kit”, “Deluxe Emergency Kit for 2 Person”, “Deluxe Emergency Kit for 4 Persons”, and “Survivor Emergency Kit for 4 Persons” are some of the kits the website provides reviews about.

The website provides all vital information regarding these survival kits so that it becomes easy for the customer to choose and buy the best. Freeze dried food review is another area covered by this site. Freeze drying is technological method that has four phases namely pre-treatment, primary, and secondary drying, and freezing. The final product will have minimal percentage of water. These freeze dried foods then sealed into vacuum bags, have a minimum of 25 years’ shelf life.

The 72 hour emergency kit, one year food supply kit, and one month supply kits are the most popular survival kits. The website provides reviews on various kits of these types namely the Freeze Dried Food Kit that offers up to 60 Servings suitable for one person for one month, Freeze Dried Food Kit for 56 Servings, Freeze Dried Food ARK Kit for 330 Servings, by Chef’s Banquet, and Freeze Dried Food Kit for 275 Servings. The price of each of these kits is also listed on the website.

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About is a website that provides important reviews about various eBooks and survival kits that are helpful during emergency situations. It provides vital information about all these products such as its components, price etc. The various categories listed in the website are the survival tips, survival videos, survivalist reviews, and survivalist downloads.

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