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A great alternative for those concerned with the environment, search engine results are becoming greener and more environmentally friendly. Search results with Frompo support the environment with every search and ad click.

Aarhus, Denmark -- (SBWire) -- 05/27/2013 --The environment is losing its own luster and climate change is at its fastest approach. Human activities are the reason why the glaciers are melting and the winter seasons are extended while the summers are getting harsher. The need for more environmental friendly tools and fortunately Frompo is one of those tools online that helps the environment.

Frompo is a search engine that provides a different way of showing search results. Their search results are curated in a way users can access the information they need and want faster without having to deal with annoying other information not nearly related to what they were looking for.

Curated means it is organized by a curator or the one who organize items in order to be seen in a way that’s more convenient. Most galleries hire curators to curate artworks, to show artworks in a way that they look better, assigning lighting and positioning. Curating has the power to make an artwork look good or bad . This goes the same with the search results with Frompo, the free videos, free images, and image search are curated to make it look better, appealing, and with the accurate information the user needs.

What Frompo does to help the environment is that their ads and search results contribute greatly to helping the environment with the revenues produced through these activities. It is also a convenient way of lowering one’s carbon footprint and contributing less to global warming that’s highly affecting mother earth. For further details one can visit the website :

About Frompo
Frompo is a search engine that has a green heart. It helps the environment with every search result and their ad revenue. It is handled by a community of people where they curate manually or edit search results providing a different search experience online while also helping out nature.

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