Tax Resolution Blog at IRSMedic Surpasses 100,000 Unique Viewers in the Past 10 Months

Wallingford, CT -- (SBWire) -- 05/21/2013 --IRSMedic: Parent and Parent LLP has always been devoted to sharing the latest and most in-depth information about tax resolution in its user-friendly blog. As the latest figures show, the word is definitely out about the firm’s popular online resource—within the past 10 months, over 100,000 unique viewers have visited the blog to read articles about tax resolution.

In fact, according to Anthony Parent, an IRS FBAR attorney and founder of IRSMedic: Parent and Parent LLP, the blog is not only popular with his clients. Law firms, CPA firms and even the IRS themselves are routinely checking the blog to read the latest articles and updates, Parent said. He noted that one reason his firm’s blog is so well-read is because of how often it features relevant and helpful articles about the IRS FBAR penalties as well as the FBAR amnesty program.

For example, a recent blog post, titled “FBAR Amnesty 2013—FBAR Amnesty for those who did nothing wrong,” discusses while there are many cases where U.S. taxpayers have not reported their foreign accounts, it is not necessarily to due intentional tax evasion. As Parent wrote, in many cases these accounts are unreported due to ignorance, not criminal intent. Most people, the FBAR attorney noted, honestly do not realize that the United States taxes its citizens on their worldwide income.

“The problem is, the IRS has invested billions of dollars into catching and prosecution those who intentionally evaded taxes with the help of unreported offshore accounts,” Parent wrote.

“But those type of criminal taxpayers simply aren’t there, at least in the numbers the IRS thought were there. It looks like the IRS vastly overestimated the amount of intentional tax evasion.”

Parent contends in the blog that instead of spending a huge amount of money to deal with this issue, the IRS should adopt a global offshore tax amnesty program and re-route the funds into more pressing matters.

Anybody who would like to learn more about IRS Medic: Parent and Parent LLP and read through the topical and helpful articles in the blog is welcome to visit the firm’s user-friendly website at any time; by clicking on “Medic Updates” and then “The Blog” readers can access the latest posts. Those who would like to consult with an attorney about FBAR reporting and penalties are also welcome to do so by calling the firm’s toll free number that is listed on the site.

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