Baby Boomer Media Interviews Award - Winning Senior Athlete Jackie Stephens

Midland Park, NJ -- (SBWire) -- 05/21/2013 --Baby Boomer Media is proud to launch an exclusive interview of National Senior Games Association (NSGA) Personal Best Award winner Jackie Stephens, a 76-year-old women's basketball player who offers inspiration for other boomers.

As people get older, achieving their personal best can become more challenging. Baby Boomer Media had the golden opportunity to get an exclusive interview of NSGA Personal Best Award winner Jackie Stephens. Jackie started her basketball career at age 60. NSGA Personal Best Award Winner Jackie Stephens Offer Inspiration for Boomers who are looking to make their dreams come true.

At the National Senior Games in Washington D.C. on May 6, 2013, Jackie Stephens was one of the winners of the Personal Best Award. This 6-foot-tall women's basketball player from Fairfax Station, Virginia is 76 years old and started playing basketball at the age of 60. Jackie proves to boomers it is never too late to achieve your lifelong goals. Baby Boomer Media spoke to Jackie to find out more about how she achieves her personal best.

During her interview with Baby Boomer Media, Jackie recalls the death of her mother and living with her grandparents who had nine other children of their own. She used to shoot hoops with her uncle who had a basket in the driveway. Her grandfather was a Baptist minister who decided Jackie should not play basketball every year in high school. Jackie was good in gym class and it was her favorite time of the school day.

After graduating from college, Jackie fulfilled her desire to teach and travel to work in different parts of the world. During her journeys, she met a young Captain in the Army living in Heidelberg who was to become her future husband. She told Baby Boomer Media they have been married for fifty years and how two daughters and three grandchildren, who are also basketball players. Jackie's husband had two tours in Vietnam and was exposed to Agent Orange. She told Baby Boomer Media she is now his caregiver and basketball has become her outlet.

When Baby Boomer Media asked about her advice to others looking to achieve their personal best, Jackie said, “I think your personal best is doing what makes you happy to stay physically fit. The key is “DOING” not “SITTING” and to enjoy participating with others.” The Baby Boomer Media blog offers more information and advice about this amazing woman who has realized her dreams after 60.

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