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Queensland, Australia -- (SBWire) -- 05/22/2013 --Home and business owners across Australia have been quick to recognise the potential benefits of LED lighting in saving both money and energy, however few have understood the critically important differences between cheap, gimmicky LED lights and premium quality LED lighting.

But how do you tell the difference? As with many products on the market, there are low quality and high quality versions of LED lights. However the suppliers of low quality products rarely advertise the differences between their inferior lights and premium LED lighting, leaving the consumer in the dark when trying to make an informed purchase.

Curtis LeFevre, the owner and manager of WA-based national LED supply company, Emotive Earth, is an advocate for quality LED lighting whose advice is sought widely by both professionals and home owners.

With an international background in construction, financial and environmental services and a passion for promoting sustainable solutions to earth’s most pressing problems, Curtis established his company in 2009 then went in search of the best, most appropriate LED lighting products the world had to offer for both residential and commercial clients.

“We’re able to provide the right, quality product to best meet the particular needs and budget of every client,” Curtis said, “and we provide expert consultation and exemplary client service as an intrinsic part of the process.”

Emotive Earth supplies the acclaimed Brightgreen, Hillstone and Screentech LED lighting brands, which through evolutionary development, innovative design and quality manufacture have become clear leaders in their field and, in Australia, have proved both popular and suitable for extreme and variable local conditions.

Emotive Earth has been helping government and corporate WA to install quality LEDs, for example WA’s Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES), which has begun installing high quality long lasting LED lights in their fire stations.

“Premium quality LEDs are suitable and cost-effective for just about any building application you can imagine,” said Curtis. “We’ve supplied them for installation, internally and externally, in custom-built homes, existing homes, fire stations, an international bank, warehouses, government departments, galleries and retail outlets.

“Some people are keen to save money on electricity over the long term and others are more interested in the environmentally sustaining features of LEDs but, no matter how you approach it, the level of benefit is proportional to the quality of the product and the integrity of the supplier,” he said

“Mass produced, low cost LED lighting, supplied through a big retail outlet by a salesperson managing a large inventory of lighting, is just not going to do the job that’s expected or provide the level of satisfaction that customers are demanding.”

“You may initially spend more on premium LED lighting but you need to understand that you get what you pay for. With premium LED lighting your payback is faster, the savings are much higher and you get peace of mind knowing your LED lights are backed by a great warranty and will last a very long time.”

Top 5 questions you should ask when purchasing LED Lights

Brightness: Does the LED downlight have the same light output as a 50 watt halogen and what is the light output in lumens? The average 50 watt halogen has 800-950 lumens, so you should expect at least 950 lumens for a quality LED downlight kit.
Longevity: What is the life expectancy of the light? Low to medium LED quality is 30,000 to 50,000 hours, and high quality is 50,000 to 70,000+ hours life expectancy.
Quality: Is it under warranty, how long is the warranty for and what does it cover? A minimum of a 5-10 year warranty should be expected with no conditions. In other words, if it breaks in any way it should get replaced without question.
Environment: What is the power usage on the LED light compared to other types?
Economy: What is the payback period to amortise the initial cost? What are the annual savings likely to be? How does that compare with what I was thinking of buying?

Benefits of Premium Quality LED lighting

The long term benefits of top quality LED solid-state lighting, such as that supplied by Emotive Earth, are many and varied. They:

- Save money by using far less energy than other lights and, subsequently, decreasing power bills.
- Save energy. How much energy you’ll save depends on the amount of electricity you do not use and will vary depending on the number of lights replaced, but savings can be up to 90% for halogen light replacement and 60% for fluorescent tube replacement.
- Provide instant light unlike other types that take time to reach full brightness and prove unsuitable for many applications.
- Last a long time with a life expectancy of up to 70,000 hours (approximately 20 to 30 years).
- Are a low fire risk as they operate at low temperatures, providing great peace of mind to home and building owners.
- Provide bright light. Premium LED downlights are equivalent to 50 watt halogen lights and are able to be dimmed right down, smoothly and with no flickering.
- Are easy to install, whether it’s a new build or retrofit, as quality LED lights can simply fit into the same hole as the one cut-out for an existing halogen downlight.
- Produce no hazardous waste unlike some other brands of LEDs and other types of light globes or fluorescent tubes that may include mercury and lead.
- Are UV free and non-toxic, making them safe to use and recycle. As the manufacturers joke, there’s no longer any need to wear sun block indoors or watch your furnishings fade!
- Are well designed and mechanically robust, unlike cheaper, older types of LEDs and some other types of lights.
- Provide fast payback. Although more expensive to install than other types, full return on your investment in premium quality LED lights can be expected in less than two or three years, depending on which lights you buy.
- Are designed to cope with Australian conditions. Brightgreen’s LEDs, for example, have been designed to last for 30 years and to deal with Australia’s hot summer temperatures and unique electrical conditions. Some other LEDs, which are sensitive to heat, have their life expectancies dramatically reduced in Australian conditions.

With rising electricity costs, there has never been a better time to switch to quality LED lighting. To calculate your savings using Brightgreen’s DR700 LED Lights check out the Savings Calculator on Emotive Earth’s website.

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