The Vault Pro Scooters Launches Extensive Line of Professional Scooter Accessories

Culver City, CA -- (SBWire) -- 05/22/2013 --Drawing from the prevalence of professional skateboarding, biking, snowboarding and other such sports, freestyle scootering has seen a 50 percent increase over the last 5 years alone. Following the sudden popularity of scooters in 2002, scootering has evolved into a sport in its own right, creating a niche in the market for custom scooter accessories. In an effort to help promote this sport and to meet public demand, The Vault Pro Scooters has launched their extensive line of professional scooter gear and accouterments.

Nicole of The Vault Pro Scooters explained, "Almost every neighborhood in America contains children riding up and down the sidewalks on their scooters; they have become a household product. As is the case with skateboards and bicycles, kids started devising tricks to be done on their scooters. These specialty moves became increasingly complicated and impressive, but the old style scooters sometimes could not withstand the stress being put on them. Scooter manufacturers became aware of this and began to add fixed, welded heads to their product, giving rise to pro scootering. The sport has become one of the fastest growing urban pass-times and now features competitions and sponsors."

"The sport of scootering has branched out into 3 main divisions," said Nicole, "Each with its own location and different requirements of the scooters, depending on where they will be ridden. Park scootering is done in skate parks. Scooters used in this context feature shorter handles and decks and have steeper head tube angles. Street scootering, as the name indicates, is done in the streets with tricks similar to skateboarding. Dirt scootering is performed on dirt trails, with scooters for this branch being built to withstand greater impact and rougher terrain. Dirt scooters actually have tires, rather than the smaller wheels of street and park scooters. Dirt scooter hubs are larger and the decks wider, offering more stability."

Nicole went on to say, "Like any sporting equipment, professional scooters are available in an array of styles, quality levels and price ranges. Contrary to bicycles, which begin as a whole with modifications being made along the way, professional scooter riders tend to buy individual parts, building a scooter from scratch. The result is a completely unique scooter that reflects the personality of the owner. Many people looking to break into scootering are unsure of where to buy pro scooter parts. This is where we come in. As the largest dealer of pro scooter parts and accessories in the country, our customers are sure to find everything they need to fulfill their wants and preferences, as well as their safety equipment needs."

About The Vault Pro Scooters
Established in 2012, The Vault Pro Scooters has quickly achieved the status of being the "go-to" authority on pro scooters. They proudly offer an extensive selection, a friendly and knowledgeable staff and expert maintenance and repairs. For those who live in, or frequently visit, the Culver City area, their storefront has also become a well known hang-out within the pro scootering community.


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