Scent-Sational Searches: Ground-Breaking New Book Sniffs out Link Between Blood/Personality Types & the Perfect Fragrance

Williamsburg, SC -- (SBWire) -- 05/22/2013 --With over thirty three thousand fragrances on the market, many believe that finding the perfect scent is down to chance or luck. However, a ground-breaking new book by a fragrance industry veteran is proving that there literally is the perfect scent for everyone.

‘Scent-Sational Searches’ demystifies the search by drawing a newly-discovered link between fragrance families and a person’s blood and personality type.


Want to know how to search for your perfect fragrance? The answer is linked to genetic markers that have already mapped your biological beingness. Scent-Sational Searches explores the theory that there are basically four blood and personality types that parallel fragrance families.

Once you learn how you fit into the Fragrance Wheel, your search becomes easy. No more costly mistakes and a lifetime of fun exploring the fragrance world! Also included: 100 Tips, Q&As; Fav Fragrancier Bios and Perfume History.

As the author explains, what started as research to assist her customers slowly uncovered a theory that will change how the world shops for perfume forever.

“I wanted to find out why an absolutely beautiful fragrance can start to smell like bug spray after just a few minutes on some people. Coming from the medical arena, I did know that the mystery was due to chemical reactions. My search took me to the parallels among the four basic blood and personality types and how they match into a fragrance wheel which also has four main categories,” says Worley.

Continuing, “After spending four years developing my theory, I created a survey and invited people to test it out. Everything was proven to the letter. I now hope that my book can be used as a quick and easy reference tool by both the consumer and industry professional. It’s the only book of its kind on the market and can truly revolutionize the way people shop for and select their perfect scent.”

While the correlation between blood and personality types was first explored in the 1920s, Worley hopes her contribution to the subject will widen its approach.

“It was first used by the Japanese to find the best soldiers. Today, this correlation is used in Western world companies to help place employees. I have taken this theory one step further by comparing these two groups to the Fragrance Wheel, first created by Michael Edwards, who is known as the experts’ expert. Hopefully some serious studies will be given to this subject and I think my will shed a light that will make the fragrance industry look more closely at this idea,” she adds.

‘Scent-Sational Searches’, published by Xlibris, is available now:

As a past Club President of Pilot International (an international service club raising funds for brain disorder research), Worley is actively looking for clubs to partner with her, host fundraisers by selling books and in return receive a portion of all profits.

About Deborah Worley
Deborah Worley is a former newspaper and outdoor sales executive, who also marketed for an Assisted Living/ Alzheimer facility. She is the mother of five adult children and was inspired by their childhood shenanigans to become a children's book writer. Family tragedy caused her to abandon her plans. Now, 25 years later, she has decided to once again embrace her dreams. Scent- Sational Searches shares her passion for perfume. It spells out her theory about parallels among Blood/Personality Types and Fragrance Families. She developed it during her six years working as a Retail Sales Associate for Fragrance. She currently lives in metro Atlanta, GA but still has dreams of retiring to the ocean.

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