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Manchester, UK -- (SBWire) -- 05/24/2013 --Mobile credit card reader which work with your smartphone or tablet are now available in the UK. The card readers connect to your mobile device either through the headphone socket or wirelessly by Buetooth. That means payments can be taken anywhere you can get a phone signal.

There are numerous companies currently bidding for a share of the considerable market for these devices. There are also different technologies being used with pros and cons to each card reader. There are more offerings expected later this year for instance PayPal is releasing PayPal Here this summer.

There are several advantages to this type of card reader. They are useful for small mobile businesses because you only need a phone signal to take payment. They are also cheaper than setting up and servicing a merchant account for many companies. Merchant account require setup and monthly fees whereas the new mobile chip and PIN readers are inexpensive to buy and then only a small transaction charge is charged.

The main 2 technologies being used are chip and sign and chip and PIN. The chip and sign devices tend to be cheaper or even free. Visa verification requires the customer to have their own smartphone and is a little slower than for Mastercard. Chip and PIN readers work the same as any other chip and PIN machine. The card readers are also compliant with the highest standards of safety having been approved by the card association. has recently reviewed a chip and sign reader made by SumUp and an iZettle chip and PIN reader. We have looked at the apps, the card reader and taking payments. The pros and cons of each device have then been discussed to help you decide if one of these card machines is right for you.

We hope to follow these reviews with reviews of other mobile card readers shortly. We are sure you will find the reviews useful is you are considering a mobile card reader for your small business. It is certainly something worth looking at if you take card payments or would like to do so. They are convenient for mobile businesses, can be cheaper than a merchant account and some such as iZettle and Payleven are available for individuals.

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