Cell Phone Repair Pros Reveals the Unbiased Truth About Cheap Replica Phone Parts and Repairs That Destroy Phones.

The experts at Cell Phone Repair Pros in Salt Lake give the unbiased truth about on side street chop shop iPhone repair stores and the cheap quality replica phone parts and repairs that destroy customers phones.

Salt Lake City, UT -- (SBWire) -- 06/12/2013 --With our fast and hurried lifestyles it is truly amazing how we get the little day to day things done. Our Cell phones have become our left arm (right arm if you’re right handed). Many people know way to well how fragile the iPhone is due to its beautiful nature. The sleek crafted glass back and front screen is often dropped and broken in an instant. After a cracked iPhone screen you immediately want to find someone to fix your phone that you can trust when something goes wrong but don’t act too fast without the knowledge of the best procedures and parts to use for your repair.

Over the last several years the popularity of Apple products has grown and so has the competition for repairing them. Industry professional know very well that Apple is guarding their parts vigorously, only allowing only there stores or Authorized Apple Service providers to use them. The iPhone is also among couple of products that many Apple shops will not repair for you. Due to this fact your only real option is a very costly exchange. With this being how the cell phone repair world works you must decide where to have your phone fixed and get to know who you can trust to do the job professionally, quickly and reliably.

iPhone Repair Pros was put together by a team of technicians who are qualified to repair Apple products. The team was put together after hearing about the poor quality side street chop shop cell phone repair in Salt Lake City companies using cheap replica parts straight from low quality China factories.

The cell phone repair pros explain that the cost of iPhone repair in Utah is in the hundreds of dollars range and people desiring a quick professional fix really need to step back when there being sold by a Salt Lake City Cell Phone Repair company for only a few dollars. At http://www.CellPhoneRepairSaltLakeCity.net the iPhone Repair Pros explain that low quality screens have recently flooded the market place over the last five years and at first inspection the phone screens are difficult to tell apart. How does a person tell the difference between cheap OEM parts and Factory Certified?

First the color of the phone screen part in comparison to the home screen button does not always match well, second of all the OEM iPhone screen repair does not seem highly responsive and lacks the speed of the original. Also iPhone Repair Pros went on to say that many of these parts cost less than .05 cents to produce. The cell phone repair pros say that when you press down on the center of the screen it sometimes can start bubbling from the internal dyes. It also seems interesting to note that the life expectancy of a replica iPhone screen repair can be extremely short. The repair process is best left to the professional with factory certified products. Cell phone repair services are a specialist job, a repair process that is always best if it is left to professionals with training and background in electronic engineering, as well as a diverse cell phone repair experience. Too many people watch a video on online and think they are an expert.

It is highly important to know that the iPhone is a very technical tool to work on. There are many different small parts, and down falls along the repair process that could be permanently damaged easily. Cell Phone Repair Pros went on to explain that all too often phones are brought into the store following a previously botched mobile phone repair service. Brackets missing, screws lost or in the wrong place, wrong parts being used and plastic molds installed in the wrong place. In fact there was an infamous news report several months ago of a iPhone catching fire on a air plane, it turned out that the gentleman had his iPhone catch fire on the flight, it turned out that the person who repaired it left a small screw under the battery that had been punctured by it (something to consider as food for thought).

When it comes to your beloved electronic devices it pays to ask more questions about the repair engineer who is fixing any mobile device, especially when it comes to the Mac, iPad and iPhone. Sometimes if time permits you must watch while the repair of you item takes place that way you can have the best peace of mind. Always research your desired repair company prior to having any of the work done. The best advice is to always research the cell phone repair store before any repair, and you will not regret it or go too far wrong.

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