Peace Is Practical: Award-Winning Actor/producer/director George R. Blow Offers "Unconditional Joy, Peace and Contentment" as Both Personal and Global Solution

New Orleans, LA -- (SBWire) -- 06/13/2013 --George R. Blow claims to be living proof of the power, and effectiveness, of what he calls “the inside-out approach”.

In a radio interview the author/founder of Peace is Practical recently said:

“I made one internal change in priorities, and the circumstances of my life seemed to automatically re-arrange themselves for the better. The peace I experienced allowed me to perceive a way out of ‘Dilbertland’, and the next thing I knew I was blogging from ‘The Paris of South America’, Buenos Aires, Argentina. This was the inspiration for my first self-help book.”

Blow maintains that our external lives are manifestations of our inner condition, and therefore the solution to our problems, on both a personal and global level, lies in employing our own, individual existence as a tool for joy, fulfillment and wisdom.

He continued:

“We are all born with a boundless, irrepressible desire to feel good inside as well as out. We all want real, lasting joy, peace and contentment in our lives 24/7. There’s nothing we can do about that. This is what makes us human. But because we are trained to look outside ourselves for the satisfaction of that desire, mankind is currently devouring the planet in a vain attempt to do so. And this will not stop until each one of us awakens to the pleasure and beauty of our own existence on its most fundamental level. Better technology won’t cure greed, envy, anger and hate, so we have to evolve as human beings in order to survive as a species. We must learn the art of looking within for our happiness, because our need for it is limitless and our external resources aren’t.”

When asked about the feasibility of such a global endeavor he responded:

“Thankfully, human beings are also born multi-taskers, so a continued awareness of that drive for inner fulfillment need not take us away from our worldly joys or responsibilities. It’s great news, really, because you don’t have to change or give up anything. In fact, this kind of self-knowledge helps a person perform at their peak in every area of their life. The simple act of focusing on that core desire keeps us firmly planted in the present moment, and thereby makes us more efficient and productive. It simultaneously liberates us from unconscious cogitation and bestows upon us the clarity we need to make meaningful, effective decisions in our lives. And the gratification of that desire is the best thing a human being can experience...period.”

So what’s the secret to happiness in a nutshell?

“The thirst for joy is an innate, ever-present feeling, not an idea, and magnifying that longing transforms breath, consciousness, and our ability to feel into profound pleasures. This is the art of enjoying human existence.”

About George R. Blow
An award-winning stage actor as well as TV producer/director, George R. Blow is currently employing his communications skills to promote an experience of “unconditional joy, peace and contentment” as both a personal and global solution. In addition to a prolific writing career, he regularly lectures on how to achieve peak performance in numerous fields, including: workplace behavioral management, film and television production, and sports. He recently accepted an invitation to give a series of PowerPoint presentations on a transatlantic Celebrity Cruise based on content from his popular golf history book, “Master Classes: the Evolution of the Golf Swing”.

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