SloppyBowl Now Available, Sloppy Dogs No Longer Plague Floors and Carpets


Ithaca, NY -- (SBWire) -- 06/17/2013 --DriWash Solutions announces the SloppyBowl for sloppy dogs. Their patent pending design for their dog water bowl keeps dogs from splashing or dripping water on the floor when they drink from the SloppyBowl. Developed just a few months ago in March of this year, the SloppyBowl is the first product DriWash Solutions has created and released for sale, with the first production run now available in their website.

Those interested in the Sloppy Bowl can see it in action on their website at

The Sloppy Bowl is the brain child of John Skurka, an engineer who owns four dogs, the sloppiest a boxer by the name of Layla. Layla was a very sloppy dog when it came to drinking water. She would splash the water in all directions, including backwards, while drinking. So her owner John, tired of cleaning up the floor after every time Layla took a drink of water, developed the SloppyBowl, and it was an amazing success in the Skurka household. Now it's available to everyone. DriWash Solutions wants everyone to know that their sloppy dogs can benefit from drinking water from the sloppy bowl, or at least the dog owner's floors and carpets can benefit. The dogs don't seem to mind either way.

John Skurka, owner of DriWash Solutions, LLC and inventor of the SloppyBowl describes the R&D of creating the SloppyBowl, "Two prototypes of the bowl were made and replaced our dog's everyday drinking bowls in the house. We had an outdoor rubber backed carpet under the bowls that was normally soaking wet from water splashed while our four dogs, Otis a French Bulldog, Vito our English Bulldog, Samson our Olde English Bulldogge, and Layla our Boxer (mainly Layla) drank. About a week after replacing our standard bowls, I walked across the carpet in my socks - they remained completely dry! We no longer need that rubber backed carpet in the house!"

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Located in Ithaca, NY, DriWash Solutuions, LLC, designs and manufactures products for the home. Their first product, the SloppyBowl, is now available through their website (

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