MRI Technology Assists in Diagnosis of Adverse Local Tissue Reactions in Biomedical Implants

Recent studies have used MRI imaging to diagnose metal-on-metal implant related damage.


Torrance, CA -- (SBWire) -- 06/17/2013 --New medical procedures can offer patients with metal-on-metal implants an effective new tool to diagnose certain forms of joint damage faster than ever before. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has been used in detecting and diagnosing inflammation in the joint surrounding metal-on-metal implants. A recent study published in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery shows that MRI procedures can diagnose joint inflammation. More importantly, MRI scanning technology can be before the patient begins to suffer the pain and debilitation that is common in patients who have been implanted with a faulty or defective implant. In theory, patients with defective Zimmer, Durom and other metal-on-metal hip implants will be able to undergo MRI scans to determine if implant related metal debris is causing inflammation, well before permanent injury or debilitation begins.

The study showed that 68% of patients who had a metal-on-metal implants and no joint pain still had significant and measurable inflammation of the joint lining. The microscopic particles released when metal-on-metal implants abrade can build up in the joint lining, causing significant inflammation and joint damage. Metal-on-metal implants from major firms like DePuy, Zimmer and Stryker are facing increasing scrutiny and legal battles. This new that MRI scanning development is expected to provide some welcome relief to patients who are worried about their implant, but have not yet suffered from pain or debilitation. Csengeri Law is always glad to deliver this type of news to the public and metal-on-metal implant patients. In addition to biomedical news and information, Csengeri Law provides free consultations to patients with questions about their rights regarding an implant.

More information on DePuy, Zimmer and Stryker metal-on-metal implants is available on the Csengeri Law website.

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