The Majority of Fans Would Have Depression Feeling After Football Competition Season

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London, England -- (SBWire) -- 06/19/2013 --Today, the famous website ( ) for the purchasing of Cheap Soccer Shoes and other football equipments would tell you a funny phenomenon about the lost feeling for football fans after the season of the football match. The study from Soccer Pro Direct has showed that 73 percent of the fans would feel lost at the end of the football season. Every twenty fans would have fans who feel emptiness of their life since the end of the season. There would be one fans who would recognize disappointing at the end of the season for every seven minutes.

This research is only for depression phenomenon which would appear at real-life fans after the season. However, they do not give us a solution for this kind of phenomenon. The famous Neurologist whose name is David Lewis has reminded fans that they should pay particular attention to depression after the season. However, he has also suggested that football fans could buy the cheap soccer shoes and other football equipments of their beloved team or players to release their depression.

They have also found that sixth tenth of fans would be forced to participate in the activities they do not want to participate at the time after the season. Those activities have included go shopping together with their wife and go to the bar and others.?

The best online seller for Football boots sale has already described to us how exciting the team of fans after wining for a tough game. At this time, the football fans¡¯ body would release some "feel happy" chemicals. The most powerful chemical among these special chemicals which could change our mood is the neurotransmitter dopamine. It could not only produce the feeling of excitement but also produce the feeling of produce happiness. Therefore, when the season have been over, their quality of life would have a huge retreating and their life is full of anxiety even emptiness. These situations would affect the sleep of most of fans and their early getting would also been affected.

The expert from the website Soccer Pro Direct UK has recommended some proactive ways to avoid the depression after the football match season. These methods have included making the use of empty time to plan a rich life platform. The fans could also buy the football equipments such as cheap soccer shoes and Cheap Nike Soccer Shoes of their favorite team or football stars. And then, they could wear these equipments to have a football match with their friends. This would be the best way to decreasing the depression after the football match season.

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