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Delta, PA -- (SBWire) -- 06/18/2013 --It often happens that when people go through a divorce, there’s a huge issue regarding which parent has primary custody of the children. It also often occurs that neither parent has enough money to pay for an attorney, which is why is here with some guidelines about how to find and hire free lawyers for child custody, such as:

- Parent Support Groups
- Legal Aid Societies
- Online Solutions
- Pro Bono Attorneys

Single Parent Support Groups

Many people going through a divorce attend single- parent support groups to gain not only emotional reinforcement, but to learn which lawyer other people have chosen to hire, and why. The groups are also excellent sources of references for a free lawyer for child custody. Sometimes, these attorneys are individual practitioners who give of their time. They volunteer to represent a parent and her child for free just so the lawyer knows that both are safe. Talk with the group leader and ask who she would recommend, as she’s undoubtedly done a great deal of business with several of these barristers.

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Legal Assistance Services

A state Legal Aid office can provide a free consultation with child custody lawyers, if nothing else. During the conference, be sure to ask as many questions as possible, including ones about the specifics of the laws dealing with child custody as they apply to one’s specific situation. If one is considering hiring the attorney, ask about his hourly rate and any other fees that may be part of the total amount due. Most enjoy answering one’s questions, especially when they’re already prepared, so jot down the information required and then talk to the lawyer.

Computer World Solutions

The online world is a terrific resource for free lawyers for child custody. However, there are a lot of them, so make some inquiries. Ask where a particular attorney got his law degree. Inquire about his win-loss ratio in court, and if he’s ever been disciplined by a judge. Find out if he has the traits one is looking for, such as determination and compassion. Talk to few of them, narrow down the field, and make the decision.

Free Child Custody Lawyers

As mentioned above, a free lawyer for child custody does exist. They want to share their expertise in the custody realm to make sure the best interests of the child are served. They’re fighters who don’t back down from a challenge. Call local firms to see which of their lawyers do this.

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