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San Francisco, CA -- (SBWire) -- 06/19/2013 --Smart gun owners keep their guns safely locked away until they’re needed. A good gun safe prevents unauthorized individuals – like children – from accessing dangerous weapons. It also ensures that burglars can’t access some of the home’s most valuable possessions.

A website called aims to make finding the right gun safe as easy as possible. is a review and comparison website for gun safes where visitors will find detailed information about the price, strength, and fire protection rating of a number of different gun safes.

The homepage of features an adjustable chart where visitors can sort through gun safes based on a quality that’s important to them. They can look at the maximum capacity of the safe, for example, or rank the gun safe by its fire rating.

As a spokesperson for Gun Safe Reviews Guide explains, there are several important qualities that all gun safes should have:

“A good gun safe is made from heavy gauge steel and features a secure locking mechanism. It should also be heavy enough to prevent easy removal, and some homeowners choose to have their safe mounted into the ground or the wall. Some gun safes come with a simple lock and key system, although more modern safes could come with a superior electronic locking system.”

From the comparison chart at, visitors can click on any safe in which they’re interested. Many safes are accompanied by a detailed review of that safe which explains the locking system, protection, and other important information.

Gun safes also come in a range of different sizes. There are small gun safes like the GunVault GVB2000 which are simply designed to hold one or two pistols. Then there are larger safes like the Browning BR34F Gun Safe that can hold a number of long guns.

Gun safes prevent children, burglars, and other unauthorized people from accessing dangerous firearms. However, many gun safes also come with a high fire safety rating that protects the safe in the event of a blaze. One highly-rated gun safe on the website, for example, can survive 90 minutes in a fire that is 1680 degrees Fahrenheit:

“Most gun owners buy gun safes in order to protect their children. But gun safes are amazingly durable and can help valuable possessions survive through house fires and other natural disasters. If the house somehow collapses on itself, then most gun safes will withstand the pressure and keep the guns inside safe.”

About is a gun safe review and comparison website that features detailed information about some of the world’s most popular gun safes. The website ranks gun safes based on fire safety rating, locking systems, price, and other qualities. For more information, please visit:

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