Comfort Paddling Tuilik Keeps Paddlers Dry and Safe

The Comfort Paddlingtuilik is perfect for staying warm and dry when kayaking in the ice cold winter waters, or for paddling in summer conditions.

Victoria, BC -- (SBWire) -- 06/20/2013 --The tuiliq or tuilik, is the jacket the Inuit of Greenland wore when out in their kayaks. The spray skirt is attached to the jacket and that makes it more comfortable for the paddlers since it allows them greater freedom in movement. With the seal around the face it keeps the head dry when immersed in water. If the paddler feels hot, the hood can be lowered, allowing the excess heat to escape.

Kayak fans do not restrict themselves to paddling only in the summer. They defy the ice cold winter weather and paddle in the icy sea. When paddling in cold water it is very important to be warm and dry. When the wind picks up and it gets very cold on the water, it is absolutely essential to have your neck and head protected from the cold. With the protection offered by the Comfort Paddling dry top paddling on a cold windy day is quite comfortable. Mr Paulo Ouellet, a keen paddler himself, was not satisfied with the protection offered by dry tops and spray skirts. He decided to design his own dry top which offers excellent protection when paddling in rough seas, or when practising rolling. As Mr Ouellet, said to us “The Greenlanders came up with the wonderful design of the kayak and the tuilik. I just added the best modern materials we have and a tunnel to roll with the dry pants for added safety.”

When other kayak fans asked to buy the tuilik, Mr Ouellet decided to start his own company and manufacture kayak clothing. His aim is to manufacture kayak clothing that allows paddlers more freedom in their movements as well as keeping them warm and dry. As Mr Ouellet informed us “The addition of the tunnel that rolls with the tunnel of the dry pants is very important to keep the paddler dry when rolling. It also adds safety which is important to the modern kayaker”.

Being safe when kayaking is important to Mr Ouellet as he knows from experience, how dangerous cold waters can be. He has achieved that with the Comfort Paddling tuilik. Being able to stay warm and dry when paddling in the cold waters makes the sport more enjoyable.

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