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Free Listings Allow Businesses To Make Most Of Their Marketing Budgets

London, UK -- (SBWire) -- 06/24/2013 --According to statistics released recently, 50% of local business searches do not occur on search engines, but on directories and apps. UK Business Mate B2B Directory owner says he's not surprised one bit, as traffic on his site has increased dramatically in the last year. In fact, ComScore reports 54 percent of people have substituted the Internet and local searches for phone books.

"Today's business owner has to know where his customer is coming from, where's he's looking. That's why Business Directories are so popular today. A business can put a free listing in it that simply tells their name, phone number and url or they can have an eye-catching video in it that tells their story or full-color pictures. It's all up to them. Today's audience wants to be able to see before they buy. It's all about qualifying your traffic. A quality directory will allow you the chance to create your own listing the way you want it. That's what directional advertising is all about."

UK Business Mate B2B Directory offers directional advertising for the small and large customer. According to the owner, directional advertising simply makes sense. "Directional advertising is the type where you place your information out there for a customer searching for your services to see, when they are truly ready to buy. They're actually searching for your services. These are business customers who already know they need your type of services, you don't have to convince them of that, they simply need to make a decision about who they're going to buy from. Will it be you, because you listed your company's information with one of the free business directories or will it be one of your competitors?"

The use of a free business directory to list a company name, phone number, web address and contact email address attracts business from all industries, says UK Business Mate B2B Directory website owner. "While you can take your free listing and be included among your competition, do not forget, the more content you post in UK Business Directories, the more attractive you're advert looks in the The UK Business Directory. It will stay in The UK Business Directories and Google search results, making you more likely to be found when shoppers are looking for your services."

Commenting on the benefits of listing on the site, the website owner said, "As well as being a company directory you can showcase your detailed business information on, the site is invaluable to your prospective customers. Your business will also benefit from the excellent internet based connections our online development company achieves. We receive hundreds of thousands of page views per month, putting us in an excellent position to highlight your B2B products and services."

About UK Business Mate B2B Directory
B2B Directory is a B2B Business Directory covering all business sectors throughout the UK including electronics, engineering, plastics, rubber, construction, concrete, recruitment services, UK Business banking and other business supply sectors. It is a comprehensive B2B Directory. As an Online Development Company with a wide range of online business development options, UK Business Mate B2B Directory aims to help and develop company's online traffic more than any other Online Development Company in the UK. They also work in tandem with other online development companies, which helps to deliver unrivaled results. Tour their site, register and receive a free business listing.

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